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    Working at Target with an MBA

    Why? This statement says "I place no value on my 6-8 years of education." Education isn't always a replacement for experience but it does have value. There's no reason why you should be starting at the bottom with an MBA. That's an idiotic mindset to have. A goal of "Starting at the...
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    Regarding Undocumented Coachings

    If they deny a transfer based on a previous incident, that isn't retaliation. It's a perfectly justifiable reason to deny a transfer. Based on your previous post, it seems like they recognize that you're new and we're misled by the TL in question, and cut you a break by not being as severe as...
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    Hiring Why can’t my dad get a job?

    A lay-off comes with the implication of return when space is available. You father wasn't laid off, he was separated. After 27 years at Target, I promise you he knows the difference and he knows that he wasn't laid off. He signed termination papers. He most likely isn't going to get rehired...
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    Covering an ETL?

    To put things into perspective, when I left retail, I worked as an hourly employee writing field reports and doing data entry. The job required nothing but a high school diploma, was 100 times easier than retail, M-F 9-5 schedule, and that started at 26/hr. I recognize this is a little bit of...
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    Covering an ETL?

    19/hr wasn't worth the hassle when I was a Sr. years ago, I'm sure it's even less so now. People are crazy.
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    Covering an ETL?

    A team lead making 19 dollars an hour is being criminally underpaid. I made far more than that, over half a decade ago. Edit: I would wager a guess that most ETLs start in the 65 range, which is similar to what a TL making 23/hr at 10 hours of overtime a week would be making.
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    Covering an ETL?

    This is a really big reason why I never really went after ETL. As a Sr. I was making FAR more than my ETL while working the same amount of hours (50/week during 4th q)
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    Covering an ETL?

    So long as the TL isn't criminally underpaid, I assure you if this TL is pulling 10-15 hours of OT a week, they're making more than an ETL anyway. The pay isn't the issue. If the person wants to get promoted, it's the title. They can code someone as an "acting".
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    Answered Having issues with calling in sick

    Keep copies of the emails and keep calling. Call 10 times if you have to. Someone will pick up eventually
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    Hours completely reduced

    Did they actually say this? Like they told you because you're disabled they won't schedule you in different workcenters? That's the biggest most blatant violation of ADA in the history of like...ever. Tell them you're not down with that, use the words "Reasonable accommodations" and "ADA".
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    Is the receiving job still considered a job?

    What does this have to do with anything? Your entire post seems like a troll but if it isn't. Maybe ask to learn rev-log? When it's busy it's busy and when it's not it's not. Unless you're standing there all day, watching them, the job is very ebb and flow.
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    Answered Did the team leader read my availability before offering me an interview?

    I would be sure to state this explicitly during your interview. You don't need to provide detail, just explicitly state that the hours which you filled out for your availability are not flexible. Depending on your curfew time (if after store closing), they may schedule you to 10PM (Closing)...
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    Foot In the Door

    You're certainly ambitious, I'll give you that. Doing the right things. I would caution you against coming in as a TM and employing your experience and knowledge. Right you may be, most workplaces (not just Target) promote based on ethic and charisma, not leadership ability or skill. Your...
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    Answered Is it normal to be stuck in the store after closing?

    This is your answer right here. It's one thing to wait 5 minutes, but if you're being held there because they tell you that you're unable to leave then that's a tasking, and you should be getting paid. If you punch out and choose not to leave that's on you. If you punch out after your shift...
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    Answered What's the difference between defect and audit?

    Well, that's dumb. Unless the new defect function has a quant option, but it seems stupid to print labels for items you're going to throw in the dumpster which was the entire point of qmos anyway.
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    Why do stores avoid fixing front-end tech problems?

    Unplug 40% of your registers and pretend they don't work. Tech will be out in 3 hours. Once he's there, ask him to fix everything. Worked for me -every- time. Edit: No, I'm not joking at all.
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    Answered What's the difference between defect and audit?

    Is Quantity Mark Out of Stock (QMOS) not a thing anymore?
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    Anyone left Target and miss it?

    You can, nothing stopping you.
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    Open Video Game Exchange

    I'm not a legal scholar by any stretch but I'd imagine there is probably some type of statute prohibiting the resale of medication and/or ammunition. I doubt there's anything barring returns though.