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  1. JAShands

    Q4 Availability Form

    I have that training one saved, but I can’t get any Leaders to look at it. I’ll have to pull up Greenfield tomorrow and look at that Availability one, thanks!
  2. JAShands

    Corporate Dear Corporate...

    Dear Corporate, If you’re going to send out things like shirts or face masks to stores please do it all at once. Please make sure you have the inventory to supply ALL TMs too. Otherwise you’re setting the stores up to fail with a favorites game and the culture you’re so hell bent on us creating...
  3. JAShands

    Over a month in

    You also don't always see what the veteran TMs are doing. They could have started their day by back stocking, or even finishing pushing, yesterday’s truck. Maybe they pulled your OFO batch? They might even have jumped into price change or set SPLs. There is often more expected from the long term...
  4. JAShands

    When will I hear back from HR?

    My store knows that if I’m on HR hours I will happily take all HR calls. My ETL appreciates that since they know I’ll deliver consistent messages, and I know when I have to escalate the call. So far only one TL likes to step on my toes and pretend she’s helping by taking whatever calls she can...
  5. JAShands


    Actually, seasonals can be kept for 165 days before they switch over to a regular TM. We can term at any time within that 165 days and since they’re seasonal it doesn’t hurt our turnover.
  6. JAShands

    Q4 Availability Form

    I would love to have time to dig in to more greenfield reports but there aren’t enough hours to do that. We’re running 3 orientations/week on top of everything else, and with just my ETL and I only getting 4 days in HR/week there isn’t enough time to do a lot of things. But this is also why we...
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    We’re only getting 17 hours of training each week per TM we hired last year. So we’re basically using those hours to supplement the extra trucks we’re getting. Love how corporate thinks giving us 50 hours more each week per truck will get it pushed too.. So yeah, a lot of orientations will wait...
  8. JAShands

    Q4 Availability Form

    Like @Fluttervale said, if it’s an approved time off we absolutely see that. But as far as how many hours each TM can work (and their preferred amount) is not something HR can see when viewing the schedule. There isn’t any report for that either, so there is no way to double check it when...
  9. JAShands

    Q4 Availability Form

    Just a heads up - HR cannot see a TMs max hours or preferred number of hours when writing/keying in a schedule.
  10. JAShands

    Just a bit confused coming from a strict target to a lower volume store

    This might very well become my new mantra 😍 Thank you!!
  11. JAShands

    ETL and TL reference policy?

    Just like @Black Sheep 214 said, your Leaders can provide a personal reference but not a professional one. This is something that I’ve had to educate many Leaders on. My ETL and I have given several personal references for former TMs/Leaders.
  12. JAShands

    When will I hear back from HR?

    You can just ask for a business card, the executives all have them lol. Just let them know you understand they’re super busy and you just want to send an email to follow up and ask a few more questions.
  13. JAShands

    When will I hear back from HR?

    Calling around noon usually is around lunch so yeah, not taking that call. Calling around 9 is usually a pretty calm time. The store has opened and the TMs are mostly on the floor so disruptions are minimal. But try and email the HR, that’s a written reminder that we have to take care of...
  14. JAShands

    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    I noticed it on Friday and squealed I’m delight, which of course made my ETL laugh and then also happy. I tend to be more on top of alerts since I get so few.. And I’m pretty sure Leaders will still get their teams, but I’m not sure about all stores compliance alerts. Regardless, I’m happy!
  15. JAShands

    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    To whoever is responsible for putting meal alerts back in HR omg THANK YOU!! I cannot express to you how appreciative I am to regain control of my workcenter. 😍👍😁
  16. JAShands

    Please share your store's plan for the weekend hiring event

    There are always options to submit an application online. We’ve had people go to the library and use a computer to complete it. Although now that interviews are all virtual it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. But as for the NHE this weekend we’ll have a table set up and my ETL and...
  17. JAShands

    Answered Question about Interviewing at Multiple Stores

    The second store should have seen you were moved along in the process and turned you down. But here we are lol. You can reach out to the first store (that hired you) and just give them a heads up about the predicament. I’m sure they already know by now anyways. Since they haven’t invested in you...
  18. JAShands

    Workday Direct Deposit Changes

    Target generally likes to verify bank accounts with a pay cycle, I wouldn’t be surprised if your next check was a paper check or your old account.
  19. JAShands

    Answered Yellow

    The new orientation facilitators guide does list a code yellow as a missing child or person. However, it’s a discretionary kind of code when referring to older guests who have become separated from their party. An older person with dementia missing, I would treat that as a low code yellow. A...
  20. JAShands


    It’s also dependent on two stores. One initiates, the other accepts. If the other store is hesitating there’s gonna be a hiccup causing a delay. There are a lot of emails that are sent between stores before the transfer request is completed. Each store wants different things so it’s not always...