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    What to do with all the Discontinued?

    As new aisles and endcaps have been setting for the past couple of weeks there has been a TON of decode. I've been told the company wants us to use it to keep the floor full. But how are we expected to then set new endcaps or push the new product when it's space is occupied by discontinued? I...
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    In store temperature while wearing a mask.

    I am in a state where mask wearing is mandatory. This past week is also the first time it's been warm outside. I typically think it's warm in our store in the summer but it has been unbearable with the mask on. I find myself taking it off to breathe and being less productive as I can't...
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    Thoughts on extending hazard pay.

    What does everyone think spot will do regarding the extra $2? I just saw they are offering a $15 off $25 Target Circle coupon. I wonder if they are trying to ease the pain of losing the hazard pay. I think they should extend it or let everyone just keep it, leaders included.
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    Increase in abandons

    Has anyone noticed that since this whole pandemic started an increase in abandoned items left laying all over the store? I have found people are just leaving whole arm fulls of stuff in the aisles etc. I wonder what causes this. I was told by a team member they found a guest trying on clothes...
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    Archived How's it broken down at your store?

    How is your leadership brown down and what areas do they own?
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    Archived This happen in all stores?