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    Archived underperformers

    I dont know if this is all in my head, but I thought that it was part of targets brand to coach and correct under performers who are not reaching targeted goals, weather it be red cards or push goal time. Now I understand that there are times when things go slower, especially in logistics, but...
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    Archived paroniod, or sabatage?

    Okay well, I went ahead and told my HR that I was interested in applying to be an ETl, she was helpful, told me I could apply online and also, that she would partner with my STL and see what they could do. This was two days ago, Yesterday, 7 of my 8 applications that were under review came up...
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    Archived Applying to be an etl

    Can I just apply on the target website? I meet all the criteria, I have a B.S from a top, school, 5 plus years of experience, lots of other great skills. Or is it different because I already work there? Why is it easier for people not associated with target to just get a position, but its...
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    Archived why do they do this?

    My store is so shady. They post Team lead positions after they've already made up their mind that they are going to do outside hires. Why even bother then? There are so many good people at my store that have the experience that would make awesome TL but every time they try to apply, they get...
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    Archived ETL turnover rate

    I am curious to know, is the turnover rate much higher for etls then average team members? Or is it about the same? And is it voluntary, or is alot of termings? And If its termings, what for exactly?
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    Archived Good to be back

    I'm not new, but I never really properly introduced myself, so I will here since we are starting fresh. I am a hard working flow team member than can do anything and everything (except food ave) and I generally like my job, just wish I could make more money doing it. Anything else you want to...