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  1. Dream Baby

    Next Payday - Thanksgiving?

    I have direct deposit and normally get paid Thursdays. However my next payday is Thanksgiving so when do I get paid? Thanks.
  2. Dream Baby

    Resigning through Workday

    I am thinking of quitting soon and plan to use up all my vacation, sick days, etc. beforehand. I realize that there is a place in Workday that you go and resign. However since I am just a TM not a TL is there any point in doing that way. I have the impression that once I do that it will just...
  3. Dream Baby

    How long is a Corrective Action Valid?

    So I got a Corrective Action and noticed it precludes me from transferring or getting promoted FOR A YEAR. Is that on the form by default? My TL never bothered to explain that part to me. Do they do this so you will quit before they fire you? I have always thought Spot doesn't considering it...
  4. Dream Baby

    Opening Later Now?

    Walmart is changing some of their stores to stay open until 10:00 PM now. Will Target follow suit? Pre-pandemic my store was open until 11:00 every night for no real good reason IMHO.
  5. Dream Baby

    Vacation Accrual Rate

    How you accrue vacation is based on how many hours you work. However does your accrual rate go up after being there five years? I think I read that somewhere. Thanks.
  6. Dream Baby

    Auditing my own Department (WTF)

    Apparently my department has the "highest backroom error rates in the district". Of course I was shown no data to corroborate this. Before when pulling the "One for Ones (Manuals)" if you couldn't find a particular item in that location we used to hit "all items scanned". Obviously later on...
  7. Dream Baby

    Minimum order for an OPU and/or Drive Up

    Why doesn't Spot require a minimum order or $25 or higher for these orders? In my store I have filled numerous orders far less than $10. For example I did an order of three boxes of Cheez-Its.
  8. Dream Baby

    Pushing truck or dropping the "one for ones" question.

    So my store seems to toggle back from doing truck first or doing the "ones for ones" for consumables for no real reason. That being said I here is my question. If I push the truck AND back-stock an item BEFORE CREATING the "one for ones" why does that same item show up again? Doesn't the...
  9. Dream Baby

    Store Director Turnover

    How long does a Store Director normally stay at the same store? I have been at my store since July 2015 and we are on our FOURTH one. That seems like a lot to me though our store is in a large Metro area.
  10. Dream Baby

    TM taking a TL position temporarily

    So my grocery TL is going on pregnancy leave so an Electronics TM is taking her job until she comes back in early August. I asked him what happens when she comes back and said he wasn't worried about it (i.e. not be a "negative Nancy"). I think he is being naive because there are no other TL...
  11. Dream Baby

    What does your grocery have too much of?

    Here is my list. Cheez Its Gatorade JIF Peanut Butter Marshmallows
  12. Dream Baby


    Was Target granting 120 days of UNPAID LOA for any reason? Supposedly one of my TLs took time off because he didn't want to wear a mask in the store which a county/state TEMPORARY regulation. To me a mask is no different than having to wear a maroon or red top.
  13. Dream Baby

    Need to buy a laptop

    Does Target offer a program to buy a laptop (not a Chromebook)? Target does sell laptops but they are sold by a third party (antonline?) on our website so our discount doesn't apply apparently. Thanks.