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    Archived What would you do if you could change target at will?

    What a good Topic! 1. Honor the code of open door policy- Cant tell you how many horror stories of violation of confidence have occurred at my store, enough to inccure a strong level of distrust 2. Hire from within- So much good talent, its downright criminal that a no nothing graduate can...
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    Archived harassment at the work job.

    id you tell your hr first or call the hotline first? I dont understand why your hr said that there isn't anything she can do, when her job is to investigate. I dont understand why it matters that your stl is out of the building. Give it a couple of days, just because they dont tell you they...
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    Archived What you like about working for Target?

    I like my job, I dont dread going in in the morning, for the most part, things are good. Pay is kinda low, and hours are erratic, but I love the company culture, attitude, brand, all of it!
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    Archived Has anyone ever applied for Target HQ jobs?

    Oh my goodness, you sound like my husband! He tells me this all the time, lol, I just never listen. I am going to stick to your advice in my pursuit of advancement, maybe if I can keep my steam boat chugging, something good will happen.
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    Archived Do we not get PC games on release?

    I only buy my games on steam, and check in daily because they have some outrageous sales, like 40 percent on new games just for the heck of it!
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    Archived underperformers

    I dont know if this is all in my head, but I thought that it was part of targets brand to coach and correct under performers who are not reaching targeted goals, weather it be red cards or push goal time. Now I understand that there are times when things go slower, especially in logistics, but...
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    Archived paroniod, or sabatage?

    Okay well, I went ahead and told my HR that I was interested in applying to be an ETl, she was helpful, told me I could apply online and also, that she would partner with my STL and see what they could do. This was two days ago, Yesterday, 7 of my 8 applications that were under review came up...
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    Archived Great Team Surveys

    Our chat went pretty good yesterday. The STL was pretty brave with us, and we actually tackled some hard stuff. For the most part, I was pleased that they acknowledged some of our grevinces, and Since we have some ETLS, I am pretty confident that most of them will be adressed
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    Archived Catastrophic power failure

    Yes, power outage that lasted all day. It took us three days to restock.
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    Archived TL Softlines

    half of our Soft lines team days side is male. Two male team leads, one brand member, and another team member. Also there is male on our soft line flow!
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    Archived What's best practice when putting signs for kids books and bikes?

    Yup,. the bike builder does the signage, he does it everyday at our store.
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    Archived Soda Update

    Um, I dont know what that is. so, no? And It pop. :)
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    Archived Coaching Question

    As a sometimes operator, it makes my ears steam when there is silence on the walkie. If that is your area and you cant go, tell us. If their is radio silence, and your close, let us know. Same with endymes. I always say "Im with a guest can someone get it" Or I'm coming from snacks, but if...
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    Archived Ad setup/takedown.

    our team comes in at six, so instocks, team leads, and brand team that do the set up.
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    Archived Applying to be an etl

    Same here. I told my ETL-LOg, and, is willing to help. Basically told me not to say anything, just apply. Said that people will look down on me for not taking the hard road (whatever that is) but forget about that, and just do it.
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    Archived Scanning IDs

    I have guests complain about this all the time. I just tell them that our ids have the same info in them as they show on the outside. I mean the state probably knows all about you already, you had to apply for the darn thing. I dont get people being rude though, we are just doing our jobs.
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    Archived Ad setup/takedown.

    at nine out Operator keys out soft lines, and everyone takes down the signs in their zone areas. I think they physically scan the signs out in hardlines as they pull them.
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    Archived Applying to be an etl

    Can I just apply on the target website? I meet all the criteria, I have a B.S from a top, school, 5 plus years of experience, lots of other great skills. Or is it different because I already work there? Why is it easier for people not associated with target to just get a position, but its...
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    Archived transfer info

    odd that you cant just use your paystubs. My apartment let me do that.
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    Archived Our flow process and questions for other stores flow team.

    Our cardboard guy starts as soon as the truck is done, but he is never finished until about 10.