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    COVID-19 Hazard pay due to Corona Virus

    $2 an hour bump, bonuses of $250-$1,500 paid out to TLs
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Received this email from Brian Cornell (to my non-work email, gonna assume... everyone signed up on received it) A Note to Our Guests About the Coronavirus from CEO Brian Cornell Over the past few days, so many of you have been in our stores and on our website stocking up on all...
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    COVID-19 Corvid-19 and Target

    I'm in a bad area for it. Usually when I call out sick, they try and get me to come in for part of the shift. This time they were like "Yup. Stay home."
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    I don't have a Target 401K, but my 401K through my other company is sad. So very very sad.
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Soooo, as someone who is only a TM... what has been communicated about call outs related to this. And, say, by chance, these call outs happen to be in an area in the Pacific NW where the Coronavirus is... bad?
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Kind surprised this topic hasn't resulted in a... topic. What are your stores doing for Coronavirus prevention? I only work a couple days a week, so I haven't been in recently, but I'm feeling a tickle in my throat, and I know if I show up and cough/sneeze, guests (and team members) are gonna...
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    Most outrageous sale

    Well, if it's fun!
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    Entitled CB Shames Target Manager

    This guy is definitely a POS. First heard about him because of the Ariana Grande thing and knew to avoid him. (I do PR and make media lists, and I make sure to scrub him out if someone does add him).
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    Team lead and Etl altercations

    Similarly, an ETL once said "Dern Tootin'" to me. You better believe I called the hotline, and they were IMMEDIATELY promoted to guest!
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    Poopchis need to be recalled immediately.

    My girlfriend frequently goes to Kesha shows. It seems like we could probably just market those to that audience.
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    Fresh Baby ETL

    What's impressive is that you're a baby but you've also been here for several years!
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    Accidentally took keys home & they got stolen!!!

    Unrelated, but someone one broke into my car and ended up stealing... an insulin syringe, my loose change and a pack of Starburst jelly beans. I realize the syringe probably attracted them, but taking the jelly beans in September when we're pretty much as far away from Easter as possible was...
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    Target Secrets

    Wait wait, so while we're gorging, we gotta watch out for this guy!?!?!
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    What Would Happen If You Flushed Your MyDevice Down The Toilet?

    I dropped my walkie about 5 stories one time... My resolution was I went down, grabbed it, saw it still worked and carried on my day.
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    So a guest asked me today...

    ... "get credit" is that like some IRL version of internet points? If I'm walking around and I see a TM stammering, I'll go by and ask if they're good. If they say "Yes," I'll continue on my way. If they say they need help finding something, then I'll help them and the guest with it. Sure, it...
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    Tips on not sounding like an idiot over walkie?

    I like how we're all okay with starting each transmission with "Breaker Breaker 9"
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    Tips on not sounding like an idiot over walkie?

    Make sure to start every conversation with "Breaker Breaker 9" and close out with "Over and out."
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    Hope you like working out of a pineapple.
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    What does DVD mean?

    Just be glad there's not an A on the end!