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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Kind surprised this topic hasn't resulted in a... topic. What are your stores doing for Coronavirus prevention? I only work a couple days a week, so I haven't been in recently, but I'm feeling a tickle in my throat, and I know if I show up and cough/sneeze, guests (and team members) are gonna...
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    Archived Fortune: Big-Box Rebound: How Target Packaged a Turnaround
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    Archived Target is turning shopping carts into Mario karts and there's no way this ends well - Mashable

    Target is turning shopping carts into Mario karts and there's no way this ends well This part of the new Code Green initiative?
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    Archived Just passed 5K CAF pushes!

    When I came in the other day, HR pulled me aside with a goofy grin on their face. Initially, I thought something weird was occurring, but then she mentioned to me that for the past 7 months, she's been reviewing security footage of what everyone has done while on the clock. She mentioned that...
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    Archived Target Again Selling Amazon's Tablets, E-Readers After Four-Year Rift - AdAge

    Target Again Selling Amazon's Tablets, E-Readers After Four-Year Rift Interesting.
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    Archived Those $300 Adirondack Chairs...

    ... Seriously, has anyone sold ONE of them? Sure, it's on sale for $240 and 20% off with Carthweel, but that's still $200 for a chair.
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    Archived Target Is Getting Into the Beacon Game - Entrepreneur I'm in one of these markets, so I look forward to people ranting about how big data will lead to the end times. Although, hopefully the tech cred of my market will cause people to realize that if you ALWAYS buy Widget A and Target knows this... then...
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    Archived KrebsOnSecurity Breaks Story on Target Data Breach So... that happened. Mainly annoying, because I did shop multiple times during that period. Hopefully the Russian scammers can't do anything with RedCard info :-/
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    Archived "Action required: choose your plan by Feb 15."

    Is what my benefits package said when it arrived in the mail today, February 16. It just seems a tad ridiculous, but are they going to try sticking me with the tobacco surcharge now? I actually have insurance through my other job, so I don't actually need Target insurance. Are they still...
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    Archived Target's uniforms are red. My ugly Christmas sweater is red. We call this kismet.

    Saw this on Reddit. It's amazing. Tried attaching the picture in this post, for some reason it wouldn't work though
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    Archived How quickly do I lose benefits with reduced hours?

    So I just got a new job, ones that' actually in the field I want to be in (yay!) One thing with it though is the owner isn't sure if he'll be able to get health insurance. He's working on it though. I'm starting at that job part time, and I'm going to stay at Target part time, probably...
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    Archived I want to build my bicycle, I want to build a bike (Bike Building thread)

    Figured we needed a big and dandy one for the bike builders out there. Anyone have any advice on getting the Mongoose Crush built? At my store we literally haven't constructed one in months because when we did make them we could never get the rear brakes to work correctly. It would either be...
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    Archived Quit hiring people!

    For some reason since the week before Christmas, my store has gone on a hiring rampage. Probably hired about 8 new SF people since then. I think we have more people now than we did in the early weeks of December. And since it is still February, there aren't hours to give anyone. I'm bottoming...
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    Archived It's a PDA, not a gun

    Seriously, I get "shot" by people with a PDA about three times a day. I realize that's not too much, but we're adults here. I do realize the PDA is shaped like a gun, but that doesn't necessitate "shooting" people with it.
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    Archived HP Touchpad

    Who go inundated with questions about this today? HP discountinued it and firesaled down to $99. It sold out in very short time online, so people came into my store in droves asking about it--but we never had it in store. I was building bikes today, and I needed to walk by electronics to grab...
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    Archived Wow, that was the least red I've ever seen on a TM!

    I realize we might already have a thread on dress code (or was that the .org?), but the other day I was zoning in HBA and happened to look over to optical. Initially I thought the TM there was a guest and nobody was helping her. Sure, she was wearing khakis, but was also wearing a white tank...
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    Archived My store no longer allowing us to stay up late on days before we open

    They've instituted a strict 12:30am bed check and will call to make certain it's followed. Also, on days we closed, we're not allowed to go on roller coasters beforehand.