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    COVID-19 COVID Fatigue, Coping, Support, Venting, etc.

    One of my coworkers was recently in the hospital with covid. She is 23.
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    Not Feeling Well...

    How are you feeling now? Did you get tested for covid? What did the store say when you called out?
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    Black Friday 2020

    The check lanes were quiet till 1. I did have to call for backup once, but that one person who responded was enough to clear out the line. Guest service and OPU was not bored at all.
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    Not Feeling Well...

    I'm glad you are going to take everyone's advice. Target will be just fine without you. They schedule a lot of people so no worries. When you call the store and start hearing the recording, just hit 9 to get a leader.
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    COVID-19 COVID Fatigue, Coping, Support, Venting, etc.

    In my store, people who came in close contact with the infected people were sent for a rapid covid test, paid for by target. You get the results in an hour. This scenario isn't considered close contact. It isn't long enough. Hopefully, you probably were a few feet apart from each other for...
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    Service & Engagement Drive Up Time

    I check. Not all the time obviously. Today, I had a DU that was "one bag" but in actuality it was 1 bag plus a potty seat, a giant box of little kid legos, a toy truck and a box of diapers. The things were spread out over 3 different shelves. We were really busy at the time and I only noticed...
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    Once I threw the old nasty EISM bin, in the trash, in the backroom. Sometimes when a TL bitches about GS not being logged into the phone, I log in and then log back out a little while later.
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    Sometimes I really wonder if you are my SETL LOL
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    Service & Engagement Baby Registry

    How do I audit them?
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    Service & Engagement Baby Registry

    How do you get more then one box a month?
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    Service & Engagement Drive Up Time

    Here is what pisses me off.... When OPUs are approaching goal time, more people jump in and it's all hands on deck, but when the front end needs help with the DUs everyone is like nope.
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    Service & Engagement Drive Up Time

    Maybe ask whomever makes your schedule, to schedule more people during peak times.
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    Ideas for birthday.

    A fuck 2020 snowflake ornament off etsy.
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    Two years ago, we kept 2 seasonal TMs. Last year, we kept a bunch. If they let you go, check in occasionally. They typically start hiring again in March
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    Cashier entered wrong amount on register

    It's easy to get stressed in that situation. You certainly aren't going to get in ANY trouble. Who ever helped you (I hope it wasn't the SETL...) will look a little silly sending it to GS for a void. If it ever happens again, take a deep breath and do some math. If you can't do mental math...
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    Christmas Eve 2020 store hours?

    Our state has a 10 pm curfew and it includes target so we get to close at 10 every night.
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    Service & Engagement What should the cart door be set to??

    We don't power the cart doors. We just push them open. I noticed with the remodel that they could be powered though. I asked someone and they said it would just break.
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    COVID-19 Any employees test positive for COVID-19?

    We had two brothers out. They just came back today. The one admitted to my face that his brother was sick while he was talking to be with his mask down so low, I could see his mouth. I'm still pissed.
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    Who Picks your Grocery OPU's

    The Flex team does the Market OPUs
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    Anyone hit their guest limit?

    Is that your limit or is that how many guests you can have in the store?