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    Sudden rise in GM-ETL promotions?

    I got promoted to ETL GM 2 months ago & a peer about 6 months ago, from TL. My peer took over a struggling store. I’m just supporting right now. My guess is there are a lot of struggling stores in my district right now .
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    How many trucks do you take a week?
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    Verbal Job Offer

    When I was externally recruited as a TL, the same thing happened with me. They need you to apply so that you’re in the system - so they can send you the offer on Workday
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    The strange /u/BrianCornell reddit account.

    Look at this comments . It’s a troll
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    My whole district and most of the group went overnight.
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    Working at Target with an MBA

    Contact a recruiter on LinkedIn. There are always ETL positions available if Target wants you.
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    I think what he’s getting at - is the key is to set transitions early so that when freight rolls in, the team can push it straight to the floor
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    @allnew2 I think you should write a perfect sort and stock guide lol
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    How long did it take you to implement all of this ?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    How did this work with Trim a Tree? Did you set it super early ?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    Since P1 & Market are coming in at 4 - what are they doing ? Since your inbound team doesn’t come in until 6am?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    So do you sort transition onto uboats? Or transition gets sorted into pallets and put immediately in the steel?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    A little confused. What’s the difference between this and the normal unload?
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    Perfect sort (inbound)

    This is the first time that I’ve heard of this. Is there a guide for this similar to when sort and stock was released?
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    $200 bonus?

    The OT will mainly be for fulfillment TMs
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    Team Leader Performance Award Bonuses?

    If you received it , it should be under ‘Bonus & One Time Payment History’ as ‘Store Hourly Team Leader Performance Award’ for $500. Only 1-2 TLs per store received it based on mid year calibration.
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    Archived GM2

    GM2 tookover dry grocery in our store. Food and Beverage Leader owns just produce dairy freezer meat.
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    Archived Check dates

    You can TPC in the price change app.
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    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    I was in your position a couple months ago. Get to know your team on a personal level. Show them you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty. Learn the process and take note of places your team can improve. Teach your team the correct way to stock product, cut their boxes , zone , ect. If you...
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    Archived Move app gage

    You should be able to see the exact goal times to pull and push batches in the greenfield reporting app.