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    Pension Cash Pay Credit Dec 31

    it’s in and when you login you should see one for pension and 401k. i clicked on the pension and checked the account summary. my question is to you, did you start working for target before or on 2008? I think target stopped giving out pension plan around that time.
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    Pension Cash Pay Credit Dec 31

    Ok I checked mine. I pulled the date range from October 1 to December 31st as well as today’s date and I didn’t get any cash pay credit. Only interest. For the other quarters, I received cash pay credit. Offtopic. If I quit Target and not at my retirement age can I still get this pension when I...
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    Pension Cash Pay Credit Dec 31

    what is that? i think i have a pension plan.
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    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    A TM shared with me that they contacted corporate that our store has not been properly cleaning and enforcing masks especially to our guests. Supposedly corporate responded that they will take a look at her concerns. We have been getting cases especially in our specific department and we were...
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    CCA/Final on workday

    My final from like 3 years ago still shows on workday. It has an expired date.
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    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    things just got talk to that our department has cases and they are asking if i would like to take a home kit to get tested. and they discussed the 30 day leave. my lead wasn’t sure about the 30 day leave. does anyone know the mechanics. target has like new stuff going on with this...
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    GM ad 😬

    I used to the ad for Style. Just the ad and after I finish I help in certain departments in Style. Usually it takes longer for me if the ad has a lot of Style. I try to finish before the store opens. But when the pandemic started, they had limited items on the ad so I stopped being scheduled...
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    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    There are a few Walmart stores around our county that were closed for cleaning for a few days per the news media release. Hmmmmmm
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    Playing Music In Target?

    The other night they played Spice Girls “Wannabe”. The 10 year old me memories were coming back to me hahaha.
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    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    got a text yesterday and today that someone tested positive. and all of a sudden, several months later my TL reminds us to make sure we are socially distancing while working and if we need any cleaning supplies or hand sanitizer to let them know right away. sooo my theory, our store is starting...
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    Work win give

    I saw the sign for this in our breakroom. I wonder who won in our store. Lol of course it won’t be me winning since I have no luck in this type of drawing.
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    One of the seasonal people that I work with in apparel is being kept and she was told last week. Honestly, we needed people in apparel since we have a few regulars that recently quit or moved to other departments.
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    Is it normal for them to only keep you for 2 months seasonal?

    yeah it’s normal. hours are very low after Christmas season. usually you want to apply before September (not for seasonal) if you want to become permanent or expect to stay longer than 3 months.
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    How Do You Put on A Nametag?

    I wear mine on the left. I wear the red vest and there is like these two circles patch on it. I assumed that’s where the name tag should be when we didnt have the magnet type but the one with the pin on the back.
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    myStore - For the myDeviceless TM

    I think the annoying part is when some people used the app to tell team members there are stock in the store. It’s like when online tells them it’s in stock. And let’s face it our device will tell us there are 1 or 5 but there are no locations in the back and none on the salesfloor. They could...
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    Hours after Christmas

    supposedly my store goes back to covid hours closing at 10pm after christmas season.
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    Gifts ?

    I bought gifts for my two coworkers that I consider friends. We have given each other gifts every Christmas.
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    myStore - For the myDeviceless TM

    That sucks! I noticed on twitter how people are talking about downloading mystore so they can see ps5 inventory.
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    Additional $2

    My only rant is that they give you your yearly review and your little cents raise knowing they are going to raise the hourly up to $15 anyway since that was the plan in the first place (still salty that Target made it seem like due to the pandemic, we get to keep the $15 for pr) It would have...
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    Christmas 2020

    Target is closed on Christmas Day. Christmas and Easter are the two holidays that Target is closed. Luckily we got Thanksgiving off this year.