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    60 hour work weeks

    Is 60 hours normal? It would depend on location and a bunch of other variables. We've pretty much been on forced OT since March. It started as voluntary in Feb (make it seem like you have a choice) then quickly went to forced 60. All of our seasonal new hires were forced 60hours a week after...
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    shift changes

    With everything going crazy right now a lot of the standard ways of operating have been worked around. Our new hires have all had it very very easy with having options and being moved around to different departments. They recently let all the seasonals go and we are now getting covid...
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    They just made the DC I work at masks mandatory all the time except on break.
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    How safe is my job?

    If you're female they will move you around and work with you to try and keep you. That time of the month excuse gets used quite a bit. If you're used to working jobs making $10 an hour and are excited because you are now working a job making close to double that I would not jump the gun and...
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    Packer Raise

    It will just show up.
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    Nope. My DC ordered an abundance of order pickers and a stupid amount of mass hires. Not only are the seasoned people being cross trained but the new people have been trained on 3 different pit's. Order pickers RC's and tugger. If they pick everything up right away they are quickly put on a...
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    Dear D.c

    Seems like a thing now. New hires still on parole. They're telling their buddies where they can get hired for a decent paying job. Some of these guys are driving 2 hours one way to work for a 12 hour shift before realizing they're spending so much on gas that it's not worth it. A lot of the...
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    Dear D.c

    Idk how many times I end up saying this but they stopped doing interviews before covid. New hires are all done through corporate. I was one of many to get hired without interview and just scheduled orientation months before covid became an issue (I was also drug tested on site) and even my...
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    Target dc AZ

    They started this right before covid. No interviews just a drug test and orientation. You still get drug tested if you cause an accident at work though.
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    Labeled as "efficient", How does OT work?

    Wait what 3 breaks? Where I am the 10 hour shift 4-2 gets a 30min break at 7:15 and then a 15min around 10:30. 12 hour shift is a break after 4hours. The first is 30min the second is 25min.
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    Labeled as "efficient", How does OT work?

    You'll be automatically scheduled OT in the mytime app when added as proficient if your DC is at mandatory OT. You'll be on b2 2 extra days either 4pm-2am or if at max60 4pm-4am and the days change every week. You'll most likely do CA since the other shift already has an IM team unless they...
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    Should I work at a target D.C?? (few questions)

    They stopped doing interviews before covid. I was told our average new hire stays an average of 40days before they either quit or are let go for various reasons. If you're hired to help someone else do their job you're probably going to be let go(Were hiring people to assist people pulling...
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    How Is Target DC Like? Just Got An Offer

    \ Chariot god was a joke. Making numbers doesn't = efficient and that's why we have people that aren't on production working behind the people that are on production. The numbers are just an easily cheated inaccurate way to guage performance to keep the higher ups happy and point blame...
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    Answered On leave and cant access the mytimeapp

    I'm not on leave and and as far as I know scheduled for an OT shift today and mytime is telling me I'm not authorized. You are not authorized to access this screen myTime for Target is currently utilized by Target Distribution Centers. Features will be rolled out in phases across the Stores...
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    Day shifts seem to have plenty of beautiful women where I am compared to the late\night shifts. Either working higher up or working hard because they made mistakes in life. A lot of fit legs and behinds as a result of the work. Lot's of meat for them to choose from and boy do they go through...
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    Warehouse Operations

    We get asked multiple times at orientation that if we're scared of heights to speak up. I've never seen anyone who complained after the fact get transferred to another department just eventually let go. We've been having people start out on the rc's and reach trucks.
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    Dress code

    We have had the no hoodie policy for at least a month now. From what HR told the new hires somebody had gotten their head squished because obviously the hood caught on something. I would be surprised about the no gaiter policy since everyone (including OMS and above) switched over to them...
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    Thinking about applying for packer

    They put BPK on the battery change sheet and they aren't at startup with WHS.
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    Thinking about applying for packer

    What are the people called on the BPK side that use machines? They pull from order pickers and when they run out of labels end up packing.
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    How Is Target DC Like? Just Got An Offer

    I hear people saying that but it's like they must be talking about before taxes and no medical dental vision life ins or 401k. My life has basically been work 12 hours come home eat then sleep then work 12 hours rinse and repeat and the workload has been massive. Most off days and shifts are...