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    Answered Am I Still Seasonal?

    If you're interested in being a permanent TM I'd keep my mouth closed until I have in those 165 days. At least if someone dropped the ball and forgot to let you go, it will be more difficult for them to terminate you and puts you in a better position to collect unemployment!
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    Exit Survey

    Not sure who it goes to, but mine ended be a topic of conversation at one of the leadership meetings. So if yours is interesting, expect it to be shared!
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    Fulfillment being phased out?

    So 10 minutes of training?
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    Girls??? Women, Females, Ladies!
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    Seasonal Hire in January?

    That would be my ideal schedule!
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    Pretty Sure This Means I’m Gone

    I can top that! I had already worked my last day (I had given a 2 week notice) and they called me in to work! I only did it because there was a few more things I wanted to get with my discount!
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    Is GSTL role physically strenuous?

    Once they're in role, they can seek reasonable accommodations under the ADA. Could also seek accommodations now, but they'd likely get performanced out cause that's what Spot does.
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    To That One Guest - II

    Older folks gotta keep entertained during Covid, too!
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    Christmas Eve!

    Oops, Sorry. both pictures taken the same day at the same store of the seasonal section. If you look beyond all of the storage totes those shelves are bare too. That poor store was so picked over there isn't any seasonal stuff left.... all before Christmas!
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    OPU coolers replacing Starbucks/Cafe seating.

    Depends on needs of store. If OPU drops, let Karen have seating in Sbux again!
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    Schedules after Xmas/Seasonal GM Work Extension?

    Sometimes even the good seasonals are let go because hours are so scarce after Christmas. Regular TMs that normally have gotten 25 or more hours suddenly get 8-12 hours a week so seasonal are set free.
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    Christmas Eve!

    Same store/same day as previously posted
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    Seasonal OPU to Presentation?

    Like @Hardlinesmaster said, just keep coming in... until you're told not to. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what your store's intent is. Either you are really being moved to Presentation, or, they have just "stuck" your name there until they can have THE talk with you. Stores...
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    Christmas Eve!

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    PIN number for cashier

    Pins need to be reset every 90 days so just talk to the SETL.
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    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    She was tested 10 days after her friend turned up positive?
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    Same as my store scheduling for 5.75 so that you only get a 15 (6 hour state here). Having to deal with non-stop Karen's at SD or SCO for almost 6 hours. Just shoot me!
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    To That One Guest - II

    Sadly, because Target wants the "customer" to return and spend more of their money.
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    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    Flippin' rediculous!
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    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    Cleaning is just for show. It really does very little to reduce the spread of Covid. Covid is primarily spread via particles/droplets transmitted in the air.