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    Songs On Target Radio ID?

    I was just wondering if anybody knew some of these songs I hear at One is something about "can't go on forever...", sorry...that's all I got...another newer one I think is a Christmas song..."bring on the cheer!"?
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    Toy 141s

    So I'm the toys DBO at my store. Overnight team pushes the truck, so mostly all I do anymore is reshop, quick zone if any, and then toys and sport pulls. Lately my toy pulls have been 200+, and yesterday they were over 300! Sport was 40 ish. Would it be reasonable to expect that all to be...
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    Is it just me? Pushing Toys Speed

    I usually have been getting 5 hr shifts, although next week I have a 7 hr shift week. In those 5 hours, I can usually do a quick touch up zone (not perfect, only if the closer the night before did well), maybe a 2 tier or 2 of reshop, ~65 task 1for1s, and maybe 3 or 4 uboats of toy push. Is...
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    Is there a reason that when you run across a baffle, it defaults to "some"? Why don't they make it go something like..."unexpected item scanned, how many are here?" Would that not fix the issue then and there? Now it just defaults to locating the item as "some".
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    Archived 401k and taxes

    I just signed up for the 401k back in October. I haven't touched it, withdrawn anything, taken a loan, or anything. Will I be getting any sort of form, like a 1099 or anything I need to enter on my taxes? I already got the normal w2. Ive been waiting to file until I knew if I needed anything...
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    Archived 3 months as BR?

    I'm hardlines, but last Oct., thru the middle of January, I was kinda a floater. I mainly worked as backroom. Our ETL-Ops, basically oversaw SFS, so I kinda was like her gopher, backstocked, learned how to make a bale, pulled batches, pulled price change, helped out picking/packing in SFS...
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    Archived Using The Wave

    I know this is may be a simple question, but what am I doing wrong? I was just quickly shown on using the wave when I'm scheduled for ship, but I can never get the wave to start. I climb in, insert the key, turn...flip the right handle/throttl quickly a few times, but it just sits there...and...
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    Archived Soda Stream Exchange?

    My wife said somebody at her work heard that we exchange "Soda Stream" cannisters? We do that? Is that only in certain stores/states/areas, or is it company wide? (Or even not true?) :) Told her I'd ask here and find out. I haven't heard of it, but thought it was worth a shot to ask here.
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    Archived Changed Direct Deposit

    I signed up for a new checking account to get a new account bonus, and I went on to Workday and changed my account to the new one. How soon will it switch over?
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    Archived Accessing Payslips

    Are payslips not active for Workday yet? I can view all my ones up to the last pay period, but normally I can view the paystub for the week on Tuesday of the payweek. I just checked and it says no payslips available (for the check arriving this Friday) Can you no longer access them early...
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    Archived Teacher Event?

    My wife saw something on Facebook about a 15% off deal for Teachers? Treasures For Teachers...the 15th to 21st? Is this a real thing, or fake viral scam....I haven't heard anything about it at my store.