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    Archived New (beta) Workbench?

    Anyone else have the desktop shortcut for a beta version of the new Workbench show up today? Attempting to access it doesn't work, of course our district isn't listed in the 'pilot' section :(
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    Archived SBUX - Coffee Press

    Hey guys, I need some help! With the Starbucks Valentine's Day event coming up, our team needs to be (re)-trained on the coffee press. We have a recipe card for it, with instructions for either 8-Cup (Serves 2) and 12-cup (Serves 4). The 8-Cup option states to use 5 starbucks scoops, and...
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    Archived New mySupport down?

    Is the new mySupport down for anyone else? Previously it was working just fine, but as of this week I continue to get this message: Login Error Your login attempt using single sign-on with an identity provider certificate has failed. Please contact your administrator for more...
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    Archived PFresh Milk Order - Create a combination chart with a shared x-axis from two sets of data?

    As you can see in the photo, I've got a set of data that has On Hand (OH) and On Order (OO) counts for the items, organized by date. I want to create a combination chart that compares the two, with the date being the x-axis, a range of 0-100 for the y-axis, OH counts as a line graph, and OO...
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    Archived Does your store locate beer in the backroom?

    A long long time ago, our store located beer backstock. I left pfresh for a year, came back, and discovered it's no longer the case. Was this a HQ thing, or possibly something my store decided to do? I know it'd be a bit rough to start doing it again, but when the vendors only come in twice a...
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    Archived Old Target signs?

    So, my grandpa regularly goes to auctions, and happened upon two 60-packs of retail signs. I recognized the packaging right away, it's the same style as end cap headers. One side has "Sale" while the other is a sports team. They're around 7" x 45". Does anyone recognize these or have any...
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    Archived Thinking about demoting

    I've been struggling getting into my role as a Team Lead. I love the task aspect of things, but the leadership part is what I'm having problems with. I don't like how Spot wants me to manage my team. Especially with AE14, I feel like it's just going to get worse for me. By this time (7 months...
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    Archived Leadership moves at HQ

    Hey guys, did you hear about all the changes at HQ today? Any details? I can't remember all of them, biggest one being Tina Schiel taking charge of Target Canada.
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    Archived Trying to get to eHR at home

    Anyone know what's going on? I'd really like to view my paycheck!
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    Archived Starbucks Open Order??

    Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I'm new to the SBTL role and a bit confused. My DM emailed me reminding me that "Open Order" has begun. What the heck does that mean???
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    Archived Do guests have to write out the entire check?

    So I had a guest at the lanes ask if they could just sign the check and have me run it through. I wasn't sure, so I had them fill it out, but now I'm curious. Is this possible, or are they supposed to fill out the whole thing? Don't the readers just pull the routing number and print the total on...
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    Archived Ordering Custom Stamp on TIPP

    Quick question, I want to order a custom stamp on TIPP, but I'm not seeing any area to let them know what I want on it. Any suggestions?
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    Archived BR/Flow/Plano

    To those teams: you guys are awesome. I wish more of my fellow Sales Floor TMs would give you the respect and recognition you deserve. You put in so much work that goes unnoticed sometimes, and I wish I had the power to give you a raise. That is all.
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    Archived APTL Interviews

    Just wondering, how many interviews are there normally for an APTL position? And who are they with? Thanks!
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    Archived Is there such a thing as a "Team Trainer?"

    I had my Team Alignment meeting with my CTL the other day, and was told that I'm on track to become a "Team Trainer." Now, I've never heard of that before this, and was wondering if this was an actual position? If it is, is there a pay increase, or just more work on top of everything?
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    Archived Warm food coming to (all?) Target Starbucks. Thoughts?

    Although the food they'll be having sounds delicious, I wonder how much of a headache it'll be for the Starbucks TMs. Thank goodness Starbucks isn't my primary workcenter any more :D
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    Archived Will I be doing the work of a PA without being paid for it?

    So I was recently told by my CTL that I will be training two new people in Pfresh, as well as doing the order on Tuesdays, and ordering the local dairy products. Although I have no problem with this, and I'd actually enjoy it, am I mistaken in thinking that this is the job of our PA? I didn't...
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    Archived Steritech possibly coming tomorrow, what to look out for in Pfresh?

    We'll more than likely be having a Steritech visit tomorrow, and I was wondering if anyone has pointers, tips, or things to look out for to get a good score. I've gone through a visit while at Starbucks, but this is the first time I'll be at Pfresh for a visit.
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    Archived Workbench PCs being upgraded to Windows 7

    The other day while on Workbench I read that all Workbench PCs will be upgraded to Windows 7 this coming September-October. Are there any real advantages to this upgrade? Seems like it might be more of a headache than anything. Has anyone here dealt with PC upgrades before? Just wondering what...
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    Archived People leaving left and right.

    Just wondering, maybe it's nothing, but we've had our STL, ETL-HR, BR-TL, SFT, ETL-LOG, CTL, and a SrTL all leave within the last six months (and not counting TMs who've left). Some got jobs at other places, some transferred to other stores. From what I know most of these people had been working...