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  1. Anelmi

    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    I saw something in MyDay about an updated way to process partial cancels in orders. It adds an extra step or two so I'm not sure if its going to complicate things or not. Most likely, it will.
  2. Anelmi

    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    I can look tonight.
  3. Anelmi

    Working two jobs, is it allowed?

    Yeah, all the people at my store with a 2nd job work the closing shift at Target. Mornings are a highly desirable shift and so you probably won't have as much luck as you would if you did closing.
  4. Anelmi

    Closed on Thanksgiving

    Who knows. 10 months is a long time for them to think about how they can get $$ from being closed and still screw the TMs.
  5. Anelmi

    Any tips on Service and Engagement?

    Hang in there. Maybe plan to use some vacation time. I think a lot of my struggles with the front end right now are because I'm a bit burned out. I've worked consistently since the beginning of the pandemic and it's been a long haul with no time to recharge.
  6. Anelmi

    Any tips on Service and Engagement?

    I think the idea of the SETL to stand in front and monitor traffic is stupid. Much like I think a devoted cleaner from open to close is stupid. That is an absolute waste of 2 bodies that could actually be DOING something to get the guests out the door. Sure, maybe the SETL directs traffic during...
  7. Anelmi

    "Online item"

    We defect them bc we don’t have a place to put them on the sales floor.
  8. Anelmi

    Hours being cut.

  9. Anelmi

    Drive up

    They do. In the app. You just have to select the option you prefer but it defaults to Order Pickup.
  10. Anelmi

    How many concurrent drive-ups can 1 TM handle? 2? 3?

    Well my store seems to think that 5-7 are able to be handled by 1 person. Which...sure...if they were already to go. But when you get 5-7 with maybe 2 of those ready and the others with no warning and huge grocery orders, it becomes challenging.
  11. Anelmi

    Fulfillment being phased out?

    ^^ And those of us at GS say "hold my beer."
  12. Anelmi

    How yall coping with incoming toys?

    I think that's part of the problem...some stores set early so all Legos sold out super fast and others are setting this weekend. I've had angry guests talking to Corporate and then yelling at me about why it's not the same at all stores.
  13. Anelmi

    How yall coping with incoming toys?

    Ours are somewhere in the back room in a difficult to access location so we aren’t putting anything out until the set date. The bonsai tree looks super cool.
  14. Anelmi

    How yall coping with incoming toys?

    My store has been inundated w calls about the new Legos. Legos that won’t be set until 1/10 but for some reason are showing as in stock in the system. So many calls. And lots of unhappy people.
  15. Anelmi

    Gift card returns

    Seriously? Wow.
  16. Anelmi

    How to deny a suspicious return

    ^^ Same. "Oh, can I talk to your manager?" Yep...that would be me. Boom. If I'm scheduled as a GSA, then I'm the manager.
  17. Anelmi

    How to deny a suspicious return

    It's a hard call if it's an item pulled from the shelf. You know it, they know it but you can't call them on it. You have to do the ID return and give them a Merch card. It's really nice when it goes to the exchange only screen bc then you have a bit more power to deny bc a lot of time they...
  18. Anelmi

    Benefits How can I find out a loa is approved and when pay will start

    If you are on LOA, you don't get paid.
  19. Anelmi

    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    You can do both on ours. Having them swipe it is more sanitary but I usually just scan it myself.
  20. Anelmi

    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Oh I'd love to get scheduled in Fulfillment sometimes. I know how to do it but they never let me leave GS. Our Ship is out of control ridiculous.