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  1. BullseyeBucks

    Archived SBTL's, talk to me about Playbook

    Is it dropping or has already been trained for your store? I'm a new store, and my team was trained on the Store Support role while I wasn't (I came in role after store open and the team's training). Haha guys, you got me. It came to light that I didn't understand the SS role as well as I...
  2. BullseyeBucks

    Archived Being moved from Starbucks to Hardlines

    The STL is making some major changes in the store due to bottom-performing departments and I have been asked to switch departments. While my ETL-GE is insistent that I do have a choice in the matter, I don't feel like to do and I'm not looking to make enemies. I was approached by an ETL one day...
  3. BullseyeBucks

    Archived Why am I just now finding this forum?!

    Hello all! I've been with the company for about 5 years. Ohh I've kind of been all over the store during my time, but I've recently been promoted to Starbucks TL (yay!) and am continuing my search of information/people to occasionally gripe with. Looking forward to getting to know you guys!