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    Archived Resignation Advice?

    Well today I got the call I had been waiting for, medical clearance and official start date for a State Government job I had applied for a while back. I have been a TL for our store for just under a year and it has been a rough month or so at my store (leading into inventory), however that has...
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    Archived Being questioned by STL

    Now our store (and as far as I know, the one a few miles away that serves the same Demographic) have had a rough time getting our attachment rate into the "safe" range; I have come up with competitions between my TM's and tried various forms of recognition, however whenever we see an increase...
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    Archived Handing in two weeks paperwork

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting something on this website, however I have used it for research since I was appointed Electronics/Toys/Sporting Goods TL back in September of last year. However in the last six months, our store has had a SERIOUS issue with team morale. Ever since...