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    Archived Newly hired intern

    Nice to meet you! Now GET OUT WHILE YOU ARE AHEAD!!!! Goodluck!
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    Archived on being promoted to TL

    To be frank, if you have the skills and ability to lead it would almost be easier to quit, then reapply to the TL position for a better chance at it. If not, I have seen MANY TM's of high potential be d*cked around for years to not be selected for TL roles. A lot of it comes down to your stores...
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    Archived Team lead weekends

    When I was still at my store we had each TL having one day off during the workweek (Mine was Thursday) so that you always closed before your day off. Mon-Tue 9-5(or 10-6/11-7pm); Wed 4-11:45pm;Thurs OFF; Friday 9-5pm and Sat Sun OFF. Every other week you worked six consecutive days and always...
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    Archived AE 2012 - Team Leaders

    Man, I guess they saw REAL ETL potential in me. When I quit i was making $17.85/hr ($17.50 from the start 9/10/11). All the **** you guys have to put up with makes me sick.
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    Archived Sr TL Hardlines struggling

    This is why I'm glad I left my TL post. My store 2281 ( I'm not affraid to say anymore) was all jacked up when it came to this subject. My HL ETL was the only one who stood by myside along with the other TL's. You are set up for failure when every other ETL calls your workload "projects" and you...
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    Archived how do you become a team leader?

    To be honest, when I worked at target all it was about was making a good impression. How is your standing with your stores leadership? If its questonable, it is highly unlikely that you will get the promotion at your location. You also should talk, and I mean TALK to some TL's at your store. Get...
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    Archived Why exactly is there such a big push for red cards?

    That's exactly the point, over extending themselves on things they could have waited to buy. I have the debit card version because between student loans and my credit card I don't need to borrow anymore money.
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    Archived Why exactly is there such a big push for red cards?

    I just recently left Spot, and let me TELL YOU....the way they are dogging the guest now (speaking as one) is almost as bad as the people asking for money outside the door! I walked in yesterday to pick up some cheap travel crap, and I was asked and followed by a TM asking if I was interested in...
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    Archived Got promoted and coming upon year review..whats expected?

    Congrats on the promotion! To be honest, if all you got was $0.20 for the extra responsibilities I would be constantly entertaining other opportunities. It may sound bad, but if you are hired externally (such as I was) your starting pay is MUCH higher.
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    Archived Being questioned by STL

    Well my STL is probably eating his own words now, after my team and I increased our AAR to 56% in three weeks I put my notice in. Yesterday was my last day after accepting a job with the state. He wasn't too happy about that, but at the end of the day business is business and I am best looking...
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    Archived Payroll Focus Store = our lives suck!

    The store I work (well as of Friday, used to work at) isn't a payroll watch store but by the way things have been run recently you would swear it was. I believe at one point we didn't have instocks finish their workload for almost two and a half weeks. We have lost all but two of our best...
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    Archived Interview attire for TL position

    Good job, nobody looks foolish in proper dess attire. Well....rarely.
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    Archived Interview attire for TL position

    Ditch the damn red and Khaki, I wore a nice two button Charcoal dress coat, royal purple button up, light grey tie, black dress pants and polished black dress shoes. I'm sorry but if you are dressing to and Khaki are NOT going to cut the mustard. This would blow them away, even...
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    Archived Taking time off

    Yep, blackout is from November 15th-December 24th. If you request a day or two you may see it approved but anything other than that (and especially weekends) GOOD LUCK. Taking a vacation at anytime of the year impacts the team, and not to sound like a non-team player but they should have their...
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    Archived Inventory for my store will be held tomorrow

    The RGIS crew couldn't count the number of fingers on their damn hands. We had inventory overnight Monday/Tuesday and I audited 20 sections they had finished. Out of those 15, 3....thats right 3 (a staggering accuracy of .2%) I found my counts matched theirs. On top of that, they employ some of...
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    Archived Resignation Advice?

    Im only leaving 10 days notice, I wish I could leave more but the training for the new job is on the other side of the state and cannot be rescheduled any time soon. What brings more of a pickle is I found my ETL is on vacation, and wouldn't return until AFTER I have finished out my notice...
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    Archived Resignation Advice?

    I never forget a face, I doubt I wouldn't remember these people. True the turnover is high, but I was waiting for inventory to be over before I did anything. Out of respect, since I know that would have really left my team in a bind.
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    Archived Resignation Advice?

    Would it be more respectful to wait to see my ETL to request paperwork? I was planing on asking for the paperwork the next time I am in, however I know I wont see my ETL for a few more days.
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    Archived Resignation Advice?

    Well today I got the call I had been waiting for, medical clearance and official start date for a State Government job I had applied for a while back. I have been a TL for our store for just under a year and it has been a rough month or so at my store (leading into inventory), however that has...
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    Archived Why so few hours?

    thats because inventory hours are allocated to the store specifically to get the work done. Not to spread around to other work centers.