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    Archived Farewell ZhayZhay

    I'm sorry Zhay, but after 5 years, I can't do this anymore. I am breaking up with you. Let me explain why. When we started this thing off 5 years ago, I was over the moon to be with you. I looked to the next few years with wonder about what you could bring me and what I could do for you. You...
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    Archived eHR

    Has ehr been really f***ing broken for anyone else? It seems like for months now the view pay statement section has been broken. Setting aside that by default the first page shows checks from a year ago, which it has been doing for well over a year now, every single link on that table is broken...
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    Archived Opt

    Anyone else an OPT store? That's Offsite Prevention Tactics. If you aren't a space constrained store, you probably aren't on OPT. The idea is to use a Just-In-Time inventory control process between the DC and the Store. This is when more product is held at the big giant super ultra mega huge...