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    Archived 4th Quarter...Anything Goes?

    On my availability form I put 20'ish or so hours for 'maximum hours available' - the next two weeks I'm pretty much scheduled for 30 hrs/wk. Can they do that? Also, does Target pay time and a half for Halloween and Black Friday?
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    Archived Taking time off

    I'm a student, and I'm planning on taking a week or so vacation in December, possibly January. I'm fairly new at Target, working in the backroom, but how likely is it that I can request a week off during that time? How badly will this affect the team since it's around Christmas time. Also...
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    Archived "Did you pull all from this location?"

    1) In some cases it says to pull 4, so I input 4 and it asks "Did you pull all from this location? Y/N" What do I do? I assumed it meant if there's any of the same item left in the WACO, press N. If there's no more of the same item in the WACO, press Y. 2) Also, is there a way to check...
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    Archived Locating Items/Questions

    I just finished my first day and I kind of forgot which numbers mean what, ie, B14 (4) 2-3-1. Can someone please ID what each number means? Obviously I know B14 is the aisle, but I forget the other ones. Also, my first day I got asked a lot of questions from guests if we sold x item. I have...
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    Archived How do I enter?

    I just got hired, and I went to orientation already (I start training at 4 am) and they said that there's a bell in the front entrance of the store, and then someone would come and check your ID so you could enter. They said they'd show it to us on the tour during orientation, but they never did...