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    Archived Closing TL

    What are some tips you guys use to keep everything organized at night ive barely ever closed, and now im the closing TL. We seem to have those magically disappearing team members who stare at boxes on the shelves for 10min and its 50/50 they respond on the walkie. Do you guys just hunt...
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    Archived Pfresh truck 12/26

    So our order was placed around 1pm and the dci closed at we got nothing that we ordered. I couldnt find any notices/emails about it. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Archived Interview attire

    Hi im set to interview offsite for a tl position and was wondering what the recommended interview attire is.
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    Archived Instocks question

    What does dc to store (ow) and to dc (oo) mean?
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    Archived My tl..

    I'm a PA and my tl is a ctl (about 2 months old). There are 4 of us that are PA's and 1 CTL. The CTL will schedule himself on truck days 1-2x per week and he will literally push out like maybe a cart of meat. While were stuck taking care of 3 pallets of produce, bakery, breaking down the meat...
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    Archived Projected sales?

    So i'm curious as to what the average store does in sales from october-december. My store is a 35-40m per year store. Reason I'm wondering is our store is right on the cusp of being a $40m per year store and this is our 2nd christmas season coming up and i'm not really sure what to expect...
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    Archived Qmos tool

    Pretty straight forward question as we've been monitoring our qmos in certain aeras as well as certain items. My question is does the dollar amount on qmos tool represent an items original price or tpc'd/sale price?
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    Archived Pfresh and Truck days

    As many of you know pfresh truck days can be quite challenging with the flow team messing up FIFO and leaving pallets, cardboard, carts, flats etc all over pfresh. My CTL and ETL have tasked me with handling the flow team process and keeping everything in check. One of major issues is in...
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    Archived Out of dates

    What are some common out of dates you guys find ive only managed to make it into a few isles of dry grocery and a few things in frozen which i happen to notice. Heres what ive found: Yogurt Hot dogs/sausage Lunchables Lunch meat pre packed Archer farms pizzas Crescent rolls/cinnamon...
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    Archived Morning/evening huddles

    Hi, Im a recently promoted pa with quite a bit of background in grocery. My question simply pertains to what are good things to bring up in morning/evening huddles. Ill usually state new products we get but not much else