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  1. BoxCutter

    In the news....

    I don't doubt sales were good for Spot, what I want to know is how much of a profit did we turn???
  2. BoxCutter

    In the news....

    Man Recorded Underage Girls Using Phone At Voorhees Target: Cops -
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    Street Date

    From what I understand, the vendor is to audit their area, pull and push what comes out of the backroom, and take care of discontinued merch. Except for Disney product which we still own all of the process. We push all new product because we want the floor filled not full of empty sections or...
  4. BoxCutter

    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    Never thought I would ever hear this at Target. There's your cultural paradigm shift. And, IMHO, not a good one.
  5. BoxCutter

    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    Yep. They think the job is sitting on your ass all day in a windowed corner office high above us riff-raff TMs
  6. BoxCutter

    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    Based on her writing about the foods being left out for an hour, and companies paying for end cap sales floor location, I'd bet she used to work in retail.
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    Hello 👋

    Welcome aboard!
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    By the book ETL

    Also, I should add that there are smart shortcuts and dumb shortcut. The smart ones are things that DTLs and above won't really notice on a store visit. Dumb ones can be seen by everyone a mile away.
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    By the book ETL

    In my experience, doing EVERYTHING by the book is the best way to get management to STOP doing everything by the book. What is conceived at HQ rarely works 100% of the time in every single store, because the number of hours allotted are never enough to get tasks even close to complete. Smart...
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    Sale price items

    As far as I know, the only way to see what items are on sale with a Zebra after settling a POG, is to scan every item in the aisle and request a 3x2 sign for those items on sale. However, it won't show, or allow you to print "New At Target" or "Priced Right Daily" signs. Signing for future POGs...
  11. BoxCutter

    Water pallets

    When I first started on O/N Flow, trucks would come in with water pallets sitting on top of pallets of paper towels. Good times. 🤪
  12. BoxCutter

    Was told I violated dress code, am quite sure I didn't

    @Kartman, was this you or has someone stolen your style?
  13. BoxCutter

    Sales Floor Hello from a *permanent* team member!

    After more than 15 years I still classify myself as "non-seasonal."
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    God, how I hate balls. I firmly believe all balls should be in vending machines on the sales floor. You want to play with it, you buy it. Then and there. Impossible, I know, but it would cut down on our reshop!
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    And just when I thought mine couldn't go any lower.
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    In the news....

    Between this and the new pay for their truck drivers, Wally is throwing around some serious coin.
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    Pleasure to be here!

    Welcome aboard!
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    My time schedule HELP! Please

    When you open Kronos type in Target as your employer. When asked for server info, copy and paste the following: Target SSO - (Without Target SSO -) Then enter your TM number and your Workbench password.
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    Bring out your dead!

    Wall-e is in mourning. NASA's Opportunity rover feared dead: "An honorable death" -