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  1. SoCalMama

    In the news....

    I can't believe that they had to set up a Go Fund Me account for loss of wages. WTF? Somebody in MN needs to step up. That is terrible.
  2. SoCalMama

    Need serious advice

    This is straight out of the Sexual Harassment webinar that we all had to watch and pass as government employees. Spot was smart to take action quickly before you filed a lawsuit and WON easily. Here you go: Favoritism as Sexual Harassment The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)...
  3. SoCalMama

    Watching Self Checkout

    No. 5 cents is a reward for bringing a bag to reuse. No bag, no reward. In CA, 10 cents is your penalty for killing the planet and needing a bag. OMG so many people will carry their stuff to save a dime. Then they drop it and break it in the parking lot on the way to their car. Penny...
  4. SoCalMama

    How do you offer Target Circle?

    Anybody going to wager how long it takes for somebody to hack this system the same way that they did with the Red Perks program? I am just now finishing up the end of my free laundry detergent. I got about 10 of them from Perks (not by hacking, but by scanning it when I bought 3 iPhones).
  5. SoCalMama

    No longer @ Target yet still scheduled

    Ditto. Congrats Bookworm83. Some people are bitter. I'm glad you found your dream job. Good luck to you. I also found it funny that they'd call you. Doh!
  6. SoCalMama

    Class Action Check came today

    Lesson learned. You would have received more than I did. I didn't work that many hours.
  7. SoCalMama

    Class Action Check came today

    Sweet! Good to know.
  8. SoCalMama

    Class Action Check came today

    Enombang V Target PAGA Settlement c/o Rust Consulting It's from the "chair" for every cashier lawsuit in CA. I got just over $100 My kids got just under $100 each. :)
  9. SoCalMama

    In the news....

    Can you fill me in? I don't want to register for the website to read it.
  10. SoCalMama

    In the news....

    Gymboree Bankruptcy Will Close Stores In Calif.: Reports - Finally. I used to work there. I have a Gymboree Visa from US Bank, so I hope that they reissue it with a better store/rewards program.
  11. SoCalMama

    Pronoun Name Badges

    I was impressed that they managed to get one with this: 我说普通话 (I speak Mandarin)
  12. SoCalMama

    In the news....

    Good Lord. I figured out how to turn up the volume and could only take ten seconds of it.
  13. SoCalMama

    Starbucks Team Leaders

    We put in one pump of peppermint. We never charged for one pump of any syrup.
  14. SoCalMama

    Finally reached my breaking point...

    Congrats. That's a great update. There are a few good career jobs at Target, but most people just waste years there realizing that they aren't going to have one of them. I enjoyed my time at Target for the most part, but I too left and went back to my career, making 3x what I made at Target...
  15. SoCalMama

    Hearth & Hand

    I was shopping, not working, at another store in the district. I'm sure that there was more to come, but I wasn't going to hang out all day. I had already been there an hour getting my treasures. :) I just got lucky and saw the u-boat come out. I wish I could have thrown on an old TM badge...
  16. SoCalMama

    Hearth & Hand

    I got a set of 8 glasses for $3.12 today. They came off a u boat directly onto the 90% off shelf. They were there for 30 seconds before I loaded them into my cart. Way to go Target! From the DC to the back room (where it sat for 30-60 days) and right to 90% off before salvage the next day.
  17. SoCalMama

    Regarding compliance/unpaid meal breaks

    Because stuff like that causes a class action lawsuit. I'm in the one for no chairs offered to cashiers. I'll be sure to join any class action suit for "making" TM's work past 6 hours with no meal break. It's not that hard to punch out. In CA, you have to punch out before you hit 5 hours...
  18. SoCalMama

    Hearth & Hand

    You can get it at Goodwill here. They had a TON of it. Like tables, banquet tables, and end caps full of it.
  19. SoCalMama

    18 or graduate HS?

    A high school diploma does not get you into the elite circles. LOL Geez.
  20. SoCalMama

    am I being fired?

    A lot of TMs got 4 hours on the new schedule. Yet, after scheduling 2 TMs to work in Starbucks on Christmas Eve, they scheduled 4 to work today. And that's what you get with a 18 year old writing the store's schedule.