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    Sales Floor Hello from a *permanent* team member!

    Get your drinks ready, you’re going to need them... all of them.
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    Question for closing leads

    I was an electronics TM before the promotion & got a $7 dollar raise. $6 was the base raise but I experience pay for unofficially being in a TL role. Also in February we’re moving to have all Leaders do Mids so there’s someone there to at least cover my meal period.
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics thread

    To my Electronics TM Plus peers, What are we supposed to do with phones that have been traded in?
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    Thanksgiving Abbreviations

    I’m assuming MLA is mobile line ambassador (massive face palm) can’t wait to see which one of our iimconfident TM will be doing activations
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    "I swear I didn't even wear it" – the Halloween Costume Returns

    Lucy you. We coincidentally got a new AP ETL right around the time our district decided to actually enforce the policy of tossing all items that comes up toss among other bullsugar.
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    Zebra question- headphones??

    Have you tried blowing it 😏😉
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    Target beauty aisles

    Ha Our typical Beauty shifts includes pharmacy, cosmetics, natural carehair care, oral care, body care, pets, Kitchen, Stationary & party...unless there’s this fantasy thing called double coverage, then beauty is just cosmetics, natural care and hair care
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    More Devices!!

    I don’t know all the technical stuff behind actually setting it up but yeah AP literally slapped a rfid sticker inside it underneath the battery. We used Undies but honestly the Gift Registry Bags Sounds like a better option
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    More Devices!!

    We finally RFIDed Our Zebraz, so that solves the issue of only having 5 when the report says 20 more were active recently & Bleep the cashiers tell them to download the target app, since their always on their phones anyways.
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    Terms for termination? (longish post)

    Would over overriding a $900+ device to $0 be a good reason to term a ETL termination? Just knowing that alone the answer would be duck yeah but listen to the circumstances! The guest came in sent from another store for a contract phone promo (BOGO-free + $150 per line). Because the printer...
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics thread

    Sold my first contract phone tonight with half ass training ... felt good. it was a shit show, a successful one tho. Looking back on it, I seriously don’t remember scanning a gift card for the promo aka the whole reason why she chose to finance rather than buying It out. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
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    Took Home Keys

    I took the electronics keys home before. Happened When I closed. I just called the next day to let them know I had them & would bring them in later on that day. We also had a Chasier take the jewelry keys home before Leaveing the country for vaca, we didn’t get them back till they returned &...
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    Came back from vacation and am still out of the system--getting nervous

    I have a month long LOA last year & had no problem using the time clock. Not sure if they worked all that out beforehand since I asked to come back a week earlier than expected.
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    How to acquire my own zebra?

    Ahh heres one solution start hiding your equipment too. Let this become someone else problem.
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    Ever found out a coworker led a secret life?

    I’m a part time cam girl who dresses up as a horse. noone I work with would ever know unless that paid for a private session.. which would also say a lot about their secret life (maybe this should’ve been in the confessional thread ) :oops:
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics thread

    Honestly we have so much wasted space at the top of our stockroom wacos, I dont understand why we don’t just keep the display boxes up there,instead of throwing them out & letting parts get misplaced. Selling TV Displays would be so much easier having the box & actually being able to locate the...
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics thread

    Circling back to TVs , Is it better to buy a fire Tv or a regular TV and a fire Stick? I understand it’s one less wire or device but, like can you jailbreak a Tv?o_O
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics thread

    Transition starts this week and as a religious closer, Im screwed. 7 am shifts all week which mean i have to wake up at 5:3o for the bare minimal. I Think My boss has lost her mind...just a little
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    Serial Numbers

    Any Electronic heads or AP heads know what’s the deal with Samsung having an additional letter at the end of the serial# on the actual item (in this case TVs) and not on the actual box? Ie. 0174 on the box, but 0174F on the TV Are there other companies that does this?
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    Rate question

    I don’t think where your schedule the most has any variation on your pay rate, at least at my store it doesn’t. If your keyed as barista or whatever that should be your pay rate. I’ve been keyed in as electronics since the last wage bump, but I’m only back there 1 time a week, normally...