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    Scheduled in other areas more than my designated area

    Style is dropping little to no hours currently, if your dbo doesnt have workload due that week chances are there is little to no payroll after scheduling to protect pog/pricing. Your leaders prob think they are doing right by you, by offsetting your hours elsewhere. I know my style team is...
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    Org chart and changes

    Fulfillment tl
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    Grocery one for ones

    Our visits go great, we are always green for pog and price on time. If we were taking 7 trucks a week our DBO could absorb their workload as well(they do spls) but all revisions are abaorbed by plano.
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    One For Ones

    Our ETL-HR is like a mini gm etl she is NEVER in her office, except for schedule days. ALways on the floor pushing, flexes, man caf. Our old HR didnt do shit, so the one we have now we would run through fire for, she works about 60 hrs, id say 45 is spent in gm right now.
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    One For Ones

    Our ETL's have been pulling multiple times a day for us, so we can try and come halfway clean on truck. My ETL are the first to say payroll/ workload/frieght is bullshit right now, so they jump in too help. Our HR ETL pulled all toy,sprt,bhl,stat,dec,dom yesterday.
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    Is lyft still doing free rides to work?

    I only heard of free rides to vote and covid vaccines, I really don't see how it is Target's responsibility to pay for us to get to work.
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    We are supposed to refuse if the guest insists we can accept. We do need to let HR ETL know. When our HR is helping with drive ups and receives a tip she will always give it to the team members.
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    Grocery one for ones

    Yes we still utilize our core 3-4 plano team members to knock out workload. We are taking double the trucks we took last year with the same amount of payroll, there is no way our DBO's can push a double truck, mancaf, pricing and workload in a 4.5-6 hr shift.
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    AP/ electronics swraps lock boxes

    We keep a few at the boat, the rest are stored on metro racks in the AP hallway.
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    Grocery one for ones

    Our plano team does any/all revisions and sales planners currently to take that part off the consumables team plate. We schedule 1 person a 4.5-6 hr shift daily to just pull. S&E and HR ETL have been spending at least 2-3 hours a day pulling pushing ascwell just to maintain. Definately not...
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    COVID-19 Covid Cases Rising

    I know my peers and I always let guests know they can't consume food or drinks in store. We have also asked guests to leave who refuse to put their starbucks down.
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    TREATED VERY UNFAIR ... what to do now ?

    As far as your missing devices, it takes a few weeks for it to actually show red. At my store our team members have 1 week to find thier device once it shows up red, or they will be put on a CA.
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    TGT RPT License

    On workday it means report. Tgt rpt license is typically power equipment certifications: wave, crown, electric pallet jack, baler,compactor.
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    How strict is your store in terms of working past schedule?

    Depends on payroll, if we are overspent leadership micromanages work past schedule.
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    Question about vacancies

    Best practice states it should be posted on the work somewhere you love board.
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    Communication Boards

    Where do you find the planograms for the boards in TSC? (Compliance, Druving Sales, Work somewhere you love)
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    Hours hours hours

    At our store we are not allowed to call beauty for back up, as they are supposed to be actively engaging the guests.
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    What are a few of your favorite things/events your stores HR does for the team? What do you wish they did differently?
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    I'm Lost! Background check/drug test

    So they test you at target or send you to a lab?
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    I'm Lost! Background check/drug test

    I keep reading mixed things regarding drug test policies (some people are tested, some aren't). At what point in the interview process would you know whether or not they are going to ask you submit a drug test. I only smoke occasionally.