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    Diversity Equity & Inclusion

    I noticed our store in the past year is hiring people that stand out. Like bullring in their nose, rainbow hair, spiked Mohawk, guys with makeup or boobs. We have a person that I’m guessing was born a man but has a full beard and mustache and boobs. We have black trivia bingo and a Michelle...
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    At my store associates in all departments, make $15 regardless of length of employment.

    They can pay you whatever they want. A guest took a huge crap all over the men’s room. Like 3 places. It was early and everyone was on the truck so it was SD who was up to clean it. The CA said I guess I’ll clean it. SD said you got yourself $1 raise. It was in last weeks check.
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    Understanding Target Terms
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    Understanding Target Terms
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    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    Read the cooler cleaning label! Bleach. Report it to you PMT first.
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    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    Mold??...... Clean it. If it’s your area then it’s your fault and problem. I repeat....Clean it.
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    Lost item at work

    Depends how bored ap is. Once a TM left his coffee cup in the ambient room and ap went back an entire month and they saw me cleaning and I threw it away. Oops... Recently someone took my winter coat. (during seasonal TM time) A new AP said I shouldn’t of left it on the bench by the lockers...
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    Dealing with backstabbing TMs

    We used to have an HR that would bring a third party in every time she did a CA. That way it is not a he said she said situation.
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    I think I ended up with a gift card I requisitioned?

    A TM at my store was taking small items, returning them for gift cards. His was under $200 and they took him out in cuffs.
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    I think I ended up with a gift card I requisitioned?

    You put the card in your bag or pocket???? Ummmm which was it? If you are going to tell on yourself get your STORY straight.
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    $500 bonus

    Our masks went from $3.99 to $34.99. Same exact pack!
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    Recording A fight in the store

    Noone can record or take pictures. Not guest or people working for Target. 100% not allowed for security purposes. Target is private property. Maybe not enforced all the time but it’s the rules.
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    How do I keep my Birthday private from the team?

    I think mentioning it to HR would keep it off the calendar but not private at least at my store. My store this would have everyone and their brother knowing because of the way word spreads. Our HR would tell and so doesn’t want their birthday listed and Share your conversation, GSTL...
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    Best Team Survey 2021

    It’s a survey that you fill out about your TL, ETL and SD telling headquarters your opinion about the job they do. It’s questions and you strongly agree or disagree. They used to have a comment section but that was taken away for obvious reasons.
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    Best Team Survey 2021

    Everyone in our store fills it out. HR secretary will check off all the names.
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    Best Team Survey 2021

    They kinda know who you are. I had months of punishment and it wasn’t even me. A TM that had been there for a long time gave all of them the lowest marks. I was new and loved everything then. I gave high scores. Both of us the same age, same department, same sex. They thought it was me because...
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    Little less lip , lot mo' grip.

    When they brag to you start clapping and say good job, maybe a wooooowhooooooo You are great. Then laugh. It shut my guy up. Lol
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    Reflecting on leadership in the past..

    My leaders are always on the floor Working. Even SD.
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    Just got fired from Target after 7 weeks.

    There is no difference. Stealing is stealing and a thief is a thief And all this person is going to do is lose unless they change and get that this is wrong. Why are you people making light of it. Making light of it makes it not a big deal. $800. Is a felony is most states. If Target didn’t have...