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    Seasonal TM to On Demand TM

    Hi folks, I was wondering if ODTM means I would get less hours weekly or will be the same as any other TMs? I see some of TMs are still seasonal TM even though they have been worked at Target over years. is any (benefits ) difference between seasonal or on demand? Thanks.
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    Refuse for backing up cashier

    Did anyone has experienced TM hides and refuses the cashier backup calls?? One of softline TMs refuse the backup calls bcuz of "germs", and I believe TL knows this thing but didn't say anything. That really annoys me sometimes when I run back n forward many times that no one wants to take turns...
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    Hello from Seasonal Softline!

    😃 Cool folks~ I'm a newbie here and Target, hope I can dig out all the answers from here :)