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    Archived Goodbye Again!

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. I worked as a seasonal softlines TM from November until January, when I decided to resign due to personal reasons. My HR asked me to stay and work once a week, which I accepted. I was then kept on as a regular TM. I put in my two weeks as I really need time...
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    ***this is only for mytime stores, not MAX, sorry*** Apparently this is a thing - if you go to (do not put www it will not work) you can pull up your schedule from home, even with EHR being down. I had no idea it existed, so here you go.
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    Archived Kept On

    Got a letter last shift saying that they would like to keep me on. I was hired seasonal for softlines after a one year break in employment with Target. I have to say, I really like the leadership at my current store. They have been very fair with me, and even accommodated an availability...
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    EHR not working from home

    Anyone else getting this message? We apologize but EHR is currently unavailable through Please access through InsideTGT or your EHR Kiosks. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Archived 401k for a rehire

    Hello, I left Target late last year and have since returned - I was receiving the Target employer contribution - now that I have a break in service, will they no longer match my contributions? I think that's correct but I wanted to make sure. This is my second job and if they're not going to...
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    Archived Might be getting pulled back in

    I'm looking for something seasonal to supplement my full time job and I have an interview at Kohls on Tuesday...and now I have an interview at target for a seasonal softlines position. Here we go again. Any big changes since last year I should know about?
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    Archived Target v. Kohl's

    In the spirit of the Target v. Macy's thread, I had a question - anyone have experience working at Kohl's? I work FT and was looking for something very PT (like 2-3 shifts a week from 6 PM - 12 AM and possibly weekends where I'm off so I could get some holiday spending money/pay off student...
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    Archived DC Default IRA Rollover

    Former employee here.... So I made a mistake. In the process of moving and everything, I never got around to making a decision on what to do with my 401k money. My current employer has a 401k and I wanted to move my balance to I just checked my 401k account today on my pay and...
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    Archived I'm outtttt!!!

    I'm done in early November, put in my notice. I'll be working as a recruiter for a company in the medical field. Feels awesome.
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    Archived Price Change

    So, I am trained in a bunch of workcenters at my store, but now they are training me for price change...can anyone tell me what I should expect as a price change team member that may help me before my first day working in that workcenter?
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    Archived Red Magazine Fall 2012

    This issue has the big Dyson coupon...40% off at Target and but that's not why I'm posting about it. It was mailed to my house addressed to my name. Does this usually happen because I've never got Red Magazine mailed to my house. Strange.
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    Archived What should I do in this situation

    Okay, I'm working softlines and I'm at the fitting room... There's a cart, it looks like reshop. It has some stuff from boys basics but it also has some sporting goods stuff. It has a soda in it. I ask the fitting room/operator who's it is and told me they didn't know...she told me it...
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    Archived question about gsa position

    Hey guys, the gsa position is open in my store, but I'm not sure Id get a raise if I got the position. I'm currently a human resources team member. If not its not worth the stress. Can anyone tell me how this would work?
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    Archived I applied to be an ETL today

    Problem is, I have experience at Target. ha. I'll let everyone here know how it goes...I was inspired by a thread in December of last year about how a poster on here got a call from someone after he said he got a 2.1 at the University of Phoenix and only job was at McDonald's for eight months...
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    Archived Speculation: Expect layaway next

    Since Target seems to only do things to keep up with the Jones' (Walmart), I just saw a commercial that Walmart is bringing back layaway for Christmas...Target will surely follow suit, it's typical of them.
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    Archived Can a TL Take an Educational LOA?

    I'm planning on graduating soon with my BA, but as a student who goes away to college very far from my store, I was still wondering that when I came back I could get a Team Lead position (I'm a TM now), while going back and pursuing an opportunity in graduate school or at the very least an...
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    Archived Working in Pharmacy

    Who works in pharmacy as a cashier or a tech and would like to share their do you like it?