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    Archived The Low volume store blues.

    Ugh... Its that time of year again. Don't get me wrong I do love my job, but there are times... let me tell you, there are times, when I just want to scream..This just happens to be one of those times. I'm a backroom and instocks team lead in a low volume store and just so stressed at the...
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    Archived Haven't been here in awhile!

    Hey Guys, I used to be part of the old forum I will say I was not overly active back then. I started as an electronics TM - Instocks TM - Logistics/instocks TL now for just over a year. Been with the company 3 years this month, although it feels like a life time. Good to meet you all!
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    Archived Backstock % Driving me crazy.

    Hey guys, Looking for a little advice. I've been Log/Instocks-TL for just over 1 year now and generally all our scores are solid green except Backstock % we are a low volume store. The only thing that is holding us back on being Solid green for Backroom and Replenishment is our backstock %...