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  1. Dream Baby

    Team Member Number to Target Circle

    Thanks. I was able to re-add it.
  2. Dream Baby

    Team Member Number to Target Circle

    So I deleted my team number on my Target Circle app. When I try to re-enter it doesn't recognize it. Do I have to enter two or three zeroes in from of my eight digit number?
  3. Dream Baby

    Tell me about inventory

    I think the results of our inventory at my store will be terrible for these reasons. We start doing "One for Ones" before COVID. We didn't do inventory in 2020 We started using the updated My Day app in October without training. Even without COVID why would a company launch a new app during...
  4. Dream Baby

    Is Target considered a grocery/food industry? Covid vaccine eligibility

    I don't think Targets are considered groceries because they aren't the majority of store sales. Also do ALL Targets have pharmacies?
  5. Dream Baby

    ETL Interview FINALLY

    How much retail experience do you have TOTAL? IMHO the lack of a college degree is irrelevant considering Target hires recent college graduates who do an internship as ETLs. The ones I have had were terrible however What is your Plan B if they don't make you an ETL? Good luck.
  6. Dream Baby

    Are ETLs/SD require to rotate stores every 2-3 years?

    I started the summer of 2015 and we are on our FOURTH SD!
  7. Dream Baby

    Org chart and changes

    The fact that HR TL has to do OPUs and push at our store shows how Target doesn't use their workers efficiently. Target thinks they are saving money by not scheduling a TM to do those things. So instead you using more expensive labor to do those tasks. Makes no sense.
  8. Dream Baby

    TL Position

    I have always found Target's "On the Bench" idiotic. Why bother to interview anyone if their is no opening and a start date? You could never hire someone externally like that. If they don't won't to make you a TL they should state the reason why like lack of experience for example. Then...
  9. Dream Baby

    Grocery OPU Affecting Regular OPU productivity

    Considering the regular and grocery OPUs are already separated they should be tracked individually. The problem at my store is grocery items are sometimes buried in the pallets in the freezer and coolers. PS I work in the grocery.
  10. Dream Baby

    Refuse for backing up cashier

    Years ago our store had specific "TM backup hours" in which you would go ring if called. It was on the grid and you couldn't go to break during that time period. It worked pretty well.
  11. Dream Baby

    AP/ electronics swraps lock boxes

    Our store has a 8 foot green rack that they got from the grocery that has large tubs for the different lock boxes and spider wraps we use.
  12. Dream Baby

    I might become a TL

    If they want to make you a TL they need to say WHEN and WHERE you start in a formal WRITTEN offer. If they don't do that they obviously don't have an opening so they are wasting everyone's time. Target's "on the bench" makes no sense to me because you go never to do this to an outside hire.
  13. Dream Baby

    Why so much incoming freight?

    So our store has been getting so much freight lately that we can't push because of reduced hours. I think one of two things are happening. 1) Target is basing shipments on freight that flew off the shelves at the beginning of the pandemic. 2) The DC is trying to dump freight to the stores so...
  14. Dream Baby


    When I was hired I was told they only drug test if you have an injury or accident. I actually got some stitches while at work and was never tested.
  15. Dream Baby

    Shipt shoppers seem to make pretty good $

    Shipt will be like Uber in that the commission rates will start dropping. When I drove for Uber I tracked how many hours I drove AND how much I made. The amount I made per hour kept dropping. We had a TM at our store doing Shipt but I haven't seen her do it months.
  16. Dream Baby

    How to transfer departments?

    I have heard that Starbucks has to be kept open due to our franchise agreement otherwise Target gets fined. Our Target Cafe closes a lot to keep the Starbucks open. At my store the Target Cafe can't sell fountain drinks yet so I would have never re-opened it.
  17. Dream Baby

    TL self reviews!!!

    I think it's hilarious that you can only rank yourself 1 to 3.
  18. Dream Baby

    Why isn't the truck IMMEDIATELY pushed to the floor ?

    I think the DC likes dumping product to the stores so to keep their inventories lows so they look good. As of yesterday I have over 100 Bottles of an Ice Mountain water and my shelves (capacity over 40) is completely full. Yet at my store they let our wine vendors put pallets on the floor all...
  19. Dream Baby

    Past Workman's Comp Injury

    A couple of years ago I got stitches at work and had to go to the ER. Since this was billed against a workman's comp how do I get a copy of my treatment? Specifically I want to know whether I got a tetanus shot. When I requested my immunization record from the state I didn't see it just one...
  20. Dream Baby

    ADA form filled out by doctor required because I can't pull milk pallets?

    Our store has a powered pallet jack and WAVE. However I don't use them because Target won't certify me on them properly. From a liability standpoint I can't figure out why Target let's everybody use powered equipment without certification. That being said you just need a note from your doctor...