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  1. MSHLR

    Archived How to turn down....

    an offer to stay on as permanent TM after Christmas without burning the bridges? I'd like to come back again next year as seasonal TM. After two weeks of working at Target, I was surprised when I was offered a permanent spot. The group I work with is awesome. TLs and ETL are pretty...
  2. MSHLR

    Archived Seasonal hours?

    I am seasonal flow tm and just got hired last week (orientation this sunday). Do seasonal hires usually get a lot of hours or mostly part time?
  3. MSHLR

    Archived When to expect a call after drug test?

    I was hired and given a conditional job offer which will be made official after I pass the drug test. I was given 24 hours to get a drug test. Within 12 hours, I got it done (which I know for sure I passed). What is the norm in the waiting period from the time drug test was taken until we...
  4. MSHLR

    Archived Interview attire?

    Hello everyone. :) I have an interview coming up Monday for the seasonal position and is looking forward to it! :) May I ask what would be the appropriate attire to wear for the interview? I do not want to be overdressed. I was thinking of wearing tan slacks and red turtleneck sweater...