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  1. Mr Quickart

    Archived Angry "Extreme" couponers

    We have shifted to an all out war against our couponers that come in. When we first see them we make note of what lane they go to. If it is a cashier that I don't entirely trust to deny coupons, I will wait till the couponers unload then I will have the cashier switch out with someone else who...
  2. Mr Quickart

    To that one guest

    I had a guest the other day who wanted to exchange an open defective video game so we had her grab the new one and we opened it as policy dictates. She was not the happiest camper so the guest service TM called me to the desk. She proceeded to tell me that it wasn't our right to open the game...
  3. Mr Quickart

    Archived Catalina ink

    Do you know if they use different carriers for different stores? At our store someone (not Target related) comes in and picks them up from the HROC. All I do is seal the bag and put it on the counter. I have no idea who they work for though...
  4. Mr Quickart

    Archived Why do leaders give their employees unrealistic expectations?

    Being a front end TL I feel incredible pressure to drive for REDcards. It is driving myself and my peers insane but we stop it at ourselves because we just started improving our retention and even started getting 1.2% (I know the new goal is 2.5% but whatever). We used to average well below goal...
  5. Mr Quickart

    Archived Sap

    I did my first SAP order today. Not impressed by any means. It's TIPP with fancy catagory pictures and more steps to get the same end result. Plus as mentioned before when I print off the order confirmation it is waaaaaaay longer. I barely ordered anything today (because I ordered like the world...
  6. Mr Quickart

    Archived Are some team lead positions easier than others?

    Lead wise I have only been a GSTL and I am pretty excited about the fact that I might be moving work centers soon despite not being green (surprise!) at the front. The stress level up front can be insane at times when you are backed up. The guests love giving you death glares and making you feel...
  7. Mr Quickart

    Archived STL question

    This happens at our store all the time. The only people who you can say actually know what they are doing are front end tms. We have a fairly new GE and she told me that during business college they only train them how to speed weave. They train them more in depth everywhere else. My mind was...
  8. Mr Quickart

    Archived My Pedometer says that I've walked 2,012,276 steps inside Target in the last year.

    Sorry to revive an old thread but curiosity got the best of me today. I was the only GSTL from 3:30 on, on a Saturday where we did a little over $300,000 which is pretty average for us. Two hours into my shift I bought a pedometer. I average about 1 mile every hour while speedweaving 24 lanes in...
  9. Mr Quickart

    Archived Team lead weekends

    Ditto. The only difference is at the front we include the GSAs in our weekend rotation (open, off, mid, off, close,off).
  10. Mr Quickart

    Archived Advice on becoming GSTL

    As someone who has made that leap I have a few things. First you need to show that you can lead a team through what ever your stores process is. As an example at our store that would entail starting the front end zone at an appropriate time, keeping cashiers busy and not just standing there...
  11. Mr Quickart

    Target Memes

    Our store was initially all prompts so we could just type in the code located at K4 (gstl) K5 (emergency override code). As the CSC was fixing it they all transitioned to declines. You know it's bad when they activate the code!
  12. Mr Quickart

    Target Memes

    This is in reference to when REDcards went down today for a few hours. Somehow no one knew about the override code we have with supervisor numbers. When they activate it it approves everything, no questions asked. The urgent news was telling us to call the number to use the REDcard. I think not...
  13. Mr Quickart

    Target Memes

    I must say that even though we have been remodeled (with the new red and white signs) and the walkie lady no longer says what side the cashiers are needed on, we still use blue and green side because they never repainted our doors. The fact that we have to explain blue and green side to the new...
  14. Mr Quickart

    Archived Hours shrinking in general?

    Our store may be in a different boat than any of yours. As you can see by my location I am in the vicinity of Canada so I am wondering if part of this grand launch effort involves the border stores getting more hours. This could be to strengthen the goodwill we already have with the Canadians...
  15. Mr Quickart

    Archived GSTL What are your thoughts?

    The above advice is pretty spot (pun intended) on. Seeing as I am a GSTL I guess I really can't say what I look for in a GSTL because that would just be weird. If you have any questions during your training, or even in general about the front end, feel free to PM me. I've done pretty much...
  16. Mr Quickart

    Archived What does it take, for a store to qualify for a remodel?

    For some reason I thought I had also heard that they shoot to do remodels every 10 years or so. This held true for our store because we got a remodel earlier this year pretty much right at our 10 year mark, but as The Mule said sales growth is also a factor. This makes sense because my store has...
  17. Mr Quickart

    Archived Strange survey-?

    We did something like this this summer. We used it to do a front end team member of the week in our cashier closet. Our main goal was so that we could get to know our team better as well as the team getting to know each other better. We wanted to reduce turnover on our team but it really didn't...
  18. Mr Quickart

    Archived New Equipment

    Your store isn't getting the iPhones are they? I know that has been rumored many times here but maybe the next gen "PDA" is really the iPhone. Secondly were can I find more info on the new pos system? Are you talking all new software or the ncrs?
  19. Mr Quickart

    Archived Let's watch some "Fun" Target Training Videos, and learn The Vibe

    I hadn't seen that first vibe video but I did see that script on workbench before the vibe officially rolled out. It brings me back to my orientation days :cray:
  20. Mr Quickart

    Archived Niemann Marcus

    I thought our district was one of the few that did the door greeter thing as well as moving it to the front of softlines right next to the checklanes. Thankfully we had a cashier who used to be a used car salesman who is also an excellent people person to be our door greeter! Ever since Missoni...