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  1. OGP Girl

    Answered Does not having an interview with BOTH a TL and ETL in the same day mean I did not get the job?

    (I apologize in advance for my anxiety, I just really really need something to pan out...) Ok, so on r/Target I heard they do both interviews in the same day now. I had a interview with a TL at the store that I really wanna get hired at (closest to my house) but they only did one interview...
  2. OGP Girl

    Is it possible to become a TL if you start as a regular TM?

    Ok, so basically I would like the possibility of becoming a TL if Target does decide to hire me. How possible is that? I asked about opportunities for growth in both my interviews and they said there were lots of opportunities for growth. How true is this?
  3. OGP Girl

    Answered Interviewing at Multiple Stores?

    Question, I am interviewing at multiple stores, do I let the stores know that I am interviewing at different stores or do they already know? Also, if they decide to hire me on the spot but I wanna see what the other interviews have to offer what do I say?
  4. OGP Girl

    Answered Does Target have the same rivalry Walmart does with Online Fulfillment vs. The Rest of the Store?

    Ok, so at Walmart, throughout the company (as I have seen on r/Walmart), there is a rivalry between Online Grocery Pickup (OGP) and the rest of the store. The rest of the store resents all the attention given to OGP, new TCs (WM MyDevices) and Printers, being pulled from their departments to...
  5. OGP Girl

    Coming Back to Target potentially after ~3 years away...

    Ok, so I basically left Target 3 years ago on not so good terms. I have worked at a competitor for some time (being general here for reasons)... I applied to some Target’s and got a email saying one wants to interview me. When I ask about the amount of hours I get should I believe them...
  6. OGP Girl

    Archived The Difference between AP and TPS?

    Ok so I was watching some YouTube vids of footage someone somehow got onto the internet from Target's security cameras. This may have been back in the day however there were some in a black cop like uniform. Is TPS still a thing? Because it seems like at my store (a Super Target overnight...
  7. OGP Girl

    Archived Hello

    Hello, I am a mere Target cashier who needs somewhere to complain about Spot and other stuff.
  8. OGP Girl

    Archived The AP Room...

    (Note: if I say anything here that is not allowed let me know) Ok, so last week I was asked to sit in on a AP Apprehension of a Female. It was around 10pm. I admit I was kinda excited. But when I got there, it turned out to just be a huge sack of sad...Mom was stealing to support her son's...