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  1. Mr Quickart

    Archived People of the front end, lend me your ears.

    As a little background I am a current GSTL with every intention of climbing the ladder with Target after I graduate college in the spring. I currently am working on a project for human resource management that I have to tailor to the company I chose, which surprisingly is Target. My specific...
  2. Mr Quickart

    Archived Holiday Hours

    First off no one, anywhere, is open Thanksgiving. The Denver test either didn't go well or they realized that being open that day was just cruel. It looks like holiday hours posted to workbench. They are different for most stores this year instead of having one more or less generic set. The...
  3. Mr Quickart

    Archived Zellers final ads

    I was looking around the ol' internet today and found an article that had some twitter comments at the bottom. One of them was about Zellers final ads. They are pretty funny but at the same time show that their management has basically taken on a f**k it attitude...
  4. Mr Quickart

    Archived Yet another return policy change

    So I looked at the new front end news yesterday and it was all about return policy changes. There were a couple big ones so I will try and list them all off. Major electronics are moving to 30 days now. Believe it or not they actually gave us a list of what qualifies for this now...
  5. Mr Quickart

    Archived freezer/refrigerator issues

    Has anyone else here been through a freezer failure? Tonight at our store the main compressor/condenser/whatever it's called that runs all refrigeration failed. Keep in mind I work at a super so we have a crap ton of stuff to try and save. This all started a couple hours before we closed when...
  6. Mr Quickart

    Archived New BTS/BTC hours

    Disclaimer: I know this doesn't affect every store. I was going through my email a few days ago and found in an email that corporate, and I quote, "has identified an opportunity for missed sales during the back to school season." Some of the higher volume stores, like mine, will be staying open...
  7. Mr Quickart

    Archived Has anyone ever had a guest start affecting their personal life?

    A quick back story: A few days ago our AP caught a shoplifter. Seeing as I was watching the lanes that day I was asked to help process everything (ringing the merchandise and making copies as applicable). For some reason I could not figure out why she looked so familiar but I continued...
  8. Mr Quickart

    Archived Tips for writing annual reviews

    Hey everyone, I have only been a GSTL for about 3 months now so this will be my first year writing annual reviews and was wondering if you guys have any tips. As a side note I know that GSTLs have some of the largest teams in the building seeing as I have 27 cashiers. Recently though one of our...
  9. Mr Quickart

    Archived CashPrize on paycheck

    So I went to check my check for this Friday and noticed something odd. One of the lines says cashprize. Does anyone have any idea what this is? Was there some kind of contest I am not aware of? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining because anything helps!
  10. Mr Quickart

    Archived New return policy

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share a fun fact I found out from the ETLs at huddle yesterday. Starting sometime next month the return policy will be changing to 45 days for electronics but still 90 days for everything else. This has to be related to selling service plans at the registers. I...
  11. Mr Quickart

    Archived What's the largest load you have received?

    What's the biggest load you have received? I only ask this because last night my store took the biggest one we have ever received. It was a double truck night so we had a 3200 and a 2300 with 4000 of it going to the floor. How they managed to fit 3200 onto a truck is beyond me :eek:. I also...
  12. Mr Quickart

    Archived Summer POS software rollout

    I noticed today in an old news to use, or whatever it's called, that there will be a new WIC produce option so that we can actually do produce WIC checks as WIC instead of gift card - mall certificate. I guess my question is does anyone out there work at a store that already has this? If you...
  13. Mr Quickart

    Archived Yay! It's back!

    Hey everyone! I was on the old forum and didn't post much. I was Mr. Freeze there but I changed my name to Mr Quickart on this new forum since I had the chance. I can't wait for this to get as big as the old forum!