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    Archived Another One Bites The Dust

    Working the line use to be fun Music would play as we got it done Teamwork is a thing of the past Now it's no talking and get it done fast Repacks full of clearance sit on the floor They might as well throw them out the back door New processes have become a bear It makes us want to pull out...
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    Archived Green repacks vs brown repacks

    I normally do truck push for softlines. I hate the green repacks. I am dying to know why we have them. What is the difference between the green and the brown. Half the time the green will have 1 or 2 items in the box. Why why why!! I hope one of you guys can answer this burning question.
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    Archived Best Team Survey starts today

    After working here for only 5 years, I quickly realized around year 3, what a huge waste of time this is. We never get any feedback. I feel I have better things to do, like work. How do you feel about it.
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    Archived Top 3 least favorite areas to push

    1. Spot's playground 2. Shoes 3. Cosmetics
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    Archived Target corp news

    Just read online Target will no longer carry Cherokee brand in 2017. I happen to think the clothing is very cute and buy things for my niece and nephew. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. I guess I have to wait and see what the replacement will be. What do you think?
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    Archived Is this Target store policy?

    A guest found a phone in shoes today. She gave it to me and I took it to the svc desk. I asked them to make an announcement about finding a phone and they said they couldn't do it. Why the hell not? Luckily the guest returned to shoes and I directed her upfront. Is this corporate policy?
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    Archived Personal hours

    Just heard about this. Does this start after so many hrs worked or years of service? Also, how long do you have to work and retain your discount when you leave. Planning for the future lol
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    Archived Flow team best practice

    As a flow tm I was trained to look at the box first , then find your location, and open box. Sounds about right. I was told if only 1 will go out, don't open the box. Well apparently, to my surprise, maybe not yours, this is against best practice . So, what does your store do?