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    Archived Am I getting fired?

    Another team member reported me to our STL about something I said. I verbally told this team member to follow the rules and be more efficient and stop being idiotic because this is the 2nd time I've told you this. So my STL calls me in the office and hears my side then says I was not being...
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    Archived Human Resources issues.

    At my store I feel like there is a lack of ethics from my ETL-HR. I've been with my store for a while and going to school at the same time. Every time I apply for a position that would be a slight promotion, I NEVER get interviewed. Why? I've never had a bad review in 4 years... My attendance is...
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    Archived Need opinions please.

    I am currently a Backroom Dayside team member. We are going through a PFresh Remodel real soon. All of our instocks team members are going overnight. My TL, ETL-HR both want me to do instocks. Would this be considered a good thing? Is going from Backroom Dayside to Instocks team really a promotion?
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    Archived Just found out a person on his final warning last year got an O and a .48 cent raise.

    This guy has been working for Target for 6 years. He NEVER wants to stay late to help the team finish up the backstock from the truck. He complains and whines and has been coached for not being flexible. However he is buddy-buddy with the Team Leader who wrote his review. Does that seem fair to...
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    Archived No college degree Team Leaders.

    What will you guys do when AE 12 rolls out? On one hand I feel bad for some of these people who have been here for a long time and know what they are doing and deserve to be TL's. However on the other hand I've had some TL's who are just not very bright and have an attitude of I am better than...
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    Archived Great Team Hero.

    Do you guys have the same people winning it every time? From a list of 6-7 team members, one of them wins it every month for the past 2 years I've been at Target. Is this a popularity contest?
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    Archived Black Friday Pay.

    I have a question. If I'm scheduled to come in at 12:00 am for Black Friday and punch in at 11:55 PM, would I be subject to Time and Half pay as it would technically still be Thanksgiving at the time I punch in? Would the time and a half only apply for 5 minutes until it hits 12:00 am or would I...