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    Archived Store Transfer Process

    I am considering transferring to a big metropolitan area, but I don't know anything about the process so I'm hoping that someone here who has gone through the process or has handled transfers could enlighten me. I don't have any specific questions at the moment, just looking for info. I'm...
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    Archived Entertainment MIRs

    Is it typical to not find much of any of this stuff on the sales floor? How much time should I spend looking for the items with no location? What if the MIR includes 10+ items with no locations? I've been handling the entertainment presentation for a few weeks, and...
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    Archived One of my co-workers refers to team leads as level 3's..

    He's an old guy thats been with Target for a while so I'm am assuming this an old-school thing.. So I'm wondering what are level 1's, 2's, etc.. I'm also assuming level 1's would be a typical team member, and 2's would be brand specialists.. Does this level system go beyond 3 to refer to Sr...
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    Archived Interviewing for TL postion.. Seeking some advice/input..

    I had an interview with my STL today, meeting with ETL-HR Friday. I feel like my meeting with my STL went great. However the issue is that I have an interview with another company tomorrow for a unrelated position. The other company is looking to hire a MIS assistant/PC Tech which is much...
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    Archived Training a TM for instocks in a day or so..

    I've never trained anyone for this position before and so I'm not sure how to go about doing so.. I know there are a lot of details, and there is no way anyone could learn it all in a day. How much information should I give this person on the first day? I was thinking about just explaining...