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  1. RedCashier

    Archived Target to Reissue REDcards with MasterCard Chip and PIN

    This should have happened a long time ago
  2. RedCashier

    Archived Found this in a thrift shop

    I was in my local thrift shop today and I stumbled across this item. From what I gathered this was supposed to be used for some kind of EMV Target Visa card? Copyright dates on the box are from 2001, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this?
  3. RedCashier

    Archived Hello..again

    Hey team, I work at a Super Target store some where in the United States. my primary work center is the Front End but soon I will be cross-training for Electronics (I've already passed the Electronics Champion quiz) I have been with the company for almost a year and I am proud to say that I...