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    Archived DPCI's Missing

    Has anyone encountered online only item returns that are still on the website but won't scan in stores? The item also doesn't have a DPCI in the online item description. It's happened to me twice in the last couple of weeks. We made it right since the guest just wanted to exchange but I'm...
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    Archived Anything Goes

    Has any other target gotten the anything goes, make sure the guest leaves happy memo from their STL? The last two weeks we have been told that we are to do whatever it takes to make sure that the guest leaves happy. Whether it's fake coupons or expired coupons. Matching the prices of other...
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    Archived Gsa's and the cart attendant

    I was opening gsa this weekend at my store. My gstl was the closer this weekend. He's late every time he works after me and he is always in a bad mood because he doesn't want to close. So both days I am waiting around for him to show up so I can leave, I readily admit that when it's time for...
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    Archived Stuck in the cash office?

    Do any other cash office team members experience being stuck in the cash office for more than thirty minutes? I do every time I work on here and its annoying. I don't even care about any extra time I'm getting because I just want to leave.
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    Archived Targets who break the rules

    Is anyone having a problem with your local targets not following target policy? Not following the online price match policy or the coupon policy? We have several targets in my area where anything goes and then they come to our store where we do follow the rules and we are stuck with a guest...
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    Archived Question About Solicitation

    I love to bake so a sometimes bake and sell my goods for a little extra cash. I mostly sell to my target co-workers. They usually just tell me what they want and I give it to them when I see them at work because its convenient. I have never had any complaints from anyone in management or...
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    Archived Online Price Matching

    Is anyone else confused about what is accepted and what isn't when it comes to online price matching? It seems recently that they keep changing the rules especially for It used to be that we could match amazon if the item was sold by amazon and not by a seller but where does...
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    Archived GSA Help?

    I think I have a unique situation at my store and I would like some feedback on it. About six months ago when we lost two gstl's and one gsa kind of back to back they started looking for replacements and they got one from outside and promoted the rest from within. I was a guest...
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    Archived Cash office question?

    I got through all the processes and I was counting the safe when I saw a bag still in the safe. Can I add it at this point? Not sure what to do.
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    Archived Double paycheck?

    I just checked my bank to see if my direct deposit paycheck was in there and there are two checks. I'm not sure what to do about it. It would be different if they had given me two actual checks but this is done electronically. Do I just talk to hr about it?
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    Archived Being Asked to Do Other Jobs?

    I have a question about being asked to do jobs or work centers that aren't yours or you are uncomfortable doing or just plain don't want to do. For example a co-worker of mine is hardlines but crosstrained for guest services. Whenever she agrees to work a guest service shift there is one LOD...
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    Archived GSA Responsibilities?

    I'm a fairly new gsa, I think I've been an official gsa for maybe five or six months but I don't do it that often if that makes sense. I usually only did it once or twice a week because my etl wants me to do cash office mostly because of my availability. I'm not the best red card gsa but I do...
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    Archived ETL of Operations?

    I looked and could find no info on this position. What is an operations etl? What do they do? We have one in our store now and I'm not sure what her purpose is?
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    Archived Final Corrective Action?

    I don't want to go into to much detail because the situation is still pending. Long story short I passed keys and a guest's personal items were either lost or stolen. I personally didn't give away anything but I did pass my keys to another team member who did so. The next day ETL-HR talked to...
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    Archived Being Scheduled Outside of Pay Grade?

    I have been with spot for three years now and I am a front end team member, cashier, gs, and some food ave. I can also do operator and softlines. I am one of the team members that can cover the gsa for their breaks. Which I am, I wouldn't say happy to do but I am willing to do it when asked...
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    Archived Can't access eHR at work?

    For the last few weeks I have been unable to access eHR at work. When I put in my login information the page acts like it's loading and then just refreshes. I can access it at home with no problem but you can't request time off or fix a punch at home. I did talk to HR about it before and I...
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    Archived Red cards and Guest Surveys

    In the last month or so there has been a real push for cashiers and guest services team members to get red cards and guest surveys. Each cashier is required to get maybe two red cards and three to five surveys by the end of the shift. We also have a daily go that we must meet, maybe about...
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    Archived Guest Requests

    I work in a store that has a warehouse so that if we have something out of stock in store and we have it in stock at the warehouse we can have it sent over. I was wondering if any other store has this and I was also wondering if anyone else hates it as much as I do? If we get the item and...
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    Archived Scheduling Conflicts

    I have been at Target for almost two years and to start I had a great ETL. I started as cashier, learned guest services, some food service, a little pharmacy and then I was trained to be the fitting room operator which I did exclusively for a couple of months this year. I am a guest service...