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    Archived Cash office

    Did not know that! TIL
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    Archived Cash office

    3239 is the phone extension of the cash office, sometimes it is shortened to 239.
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    Archived Cash office

    My store is on the top ten list of highest volume stores in the company, we do an insane amount of sales and have a total of 50 lane bags that need to be counted, generally I don't finish CO Process until about 12:30 or 1:00 in the afternoon and that's starting at 7:00 AM.
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    Archived Cash office

    Cash Office TM here! Go for it! its 3 to 6 hours of alone time, nobody bothers you, just you and your music, definitely one of the best departments in the entire store.
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    Archived Garden Center thread

    My current store never had one, my last store however did. When the garden centers were shut down it was pretty much cleaned out, the glass door to get into it from inside the store was replaced with an emergency exit. It wasn't used for anything else except for during Christmas when they stored...
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    MEGATHREAD Target myDevices

    My store got the Team Member iPods about a month ago, earlier this week we got the Gift Registry iPods, we started with 6 but 2 have already been stolen by guests.
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    Archived YAY!!! New Card Readers! Yay!!!

    The software on the registers might not yet support the use of Chip and PIN cards
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    Archived YAY!!! New Card Readers! Yay!!!

    what are the differences between the old registers And the new registers?
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    Archived YAY!!! New Card Readers! Yay!!!

    The new card readers are Verifone MX915's (at least I think they are, they look a lot like that particular model) , I'd post a pic but I'm currently on my phone, if you Google it you should see it. Edit: got a picture
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    Archived Target to Reissue REDcards with MasterCard Chip and PIN

    This should have happened a long time ago
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    Archived What's the grossest thing you have ever seen/ found at target?

    This was taken in the ladies room at my old store, if I remember correctly the cart attendant that cleaned it up was given free lunch and a $15 Target gift card for his heroism NSFW:
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    Archived Found this in a thrift shop

    Some more information on Chip cards
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    Archived Found this in a thrift shop

    I was in my local thrift shop today and I stumbled across this item. From what I gathered this was supposed to be used for some kind of EMV Target Visa card? Copyright dates on the box are from 2001, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this?
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    Archived Maximum of 4 or 5 more years with Gregg

    I think shes in charge of both US stores and Canadian stores if I remember that email right..
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    Archived failing to fulfill orders

    Amazon powered was the greatest thing ever
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    Archived Now it's posted, what's your schedule for Thanksgiving and Black Friday?

    Thursday 7:45 PM to 1:00 AM on Friday, Don't have to come back till Saturday. :)
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    Archived so lemme tell you how my first night went!

    Can confirm, also a trainer.
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    Archived New technology?

    We got to play around with an MC9200 today at the Service Desk, until the GSTL saw us with it. She yelled at us saying that it was only supposed to be used for flexible fulfillment, so back in the locked drawer it went.