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    Archived new hire. worked 2 weeks so far..

    so i've worked 2 weeks so far at target as flow in southern california..i worked 17 hours per week the first two weeks from 4:30-7:30 am.. next week i'm only scheduled for 9 and about 4 other new flow team members all have the same schedule and hours..the last time i worked was...
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    Archived direct deposit on ehr online now working "undergoing maintenance"

    every time i log on and select sign up for direct deposit it says ,THE MAX HR/PAYROLL SYSTEM IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE ,undergoing maintenance.. sorry for the inconveniance..its been like this for almost a week now.. would i have better luck maybe trying to set up direct deposit at target rather...
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    Archived new flow team member here, few questions

    i finished my first day of orientation at Target and then the very next day wasn't really training..they had us take and pass 3 tests, fill out more papers and showed us how to operate the wave,power jack, and use the ladder lol...after giving all three of those a try they then told us as "flow...