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    Archived Flow - Electronics & Entertainment RWT goal push times?

    No reason to miss the push time in electronics. If your missing it , its because of entertainment push speed... only thing i can suggest is if you dont have a dedicated stocking team .. get one. Have your team member spend a little more time sorting MM2 into 3tier carts by aisle ( if they are...
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    Archived Beating rwt times?

    If your STL is so worried about payroll ... Leave him some push get your team out by there scheduled time. If he complains, Let him know your team pushed as much as they could before they had to leave... But your trying to keep payroll in check. After a few times of this he might be more apt to...
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    Archived Beating rwt times?

    Not really all that difficult to beat the Pull and unload goals.... In an overnight process if you have a good team you can beat your goals as long as you dont walk into a mess ... As for 6am processes I doubt you can beat that push goal which would in turn make your backstock goal impossible...
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    Archived Vacation Hours-Can you use them up to your average hours if you are scheduled less?

    Yes you can do this. During non peak times my team does it to supplement for hours they aren't getting. EHR > Max Self Serv > Use Vac/PH > there is a button that says Up to AVG hours on one of the bottom corners. This will put it up to your avg hours and your team leaders are required to...