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  1. SrTLRep

    Archived Silly questions that need answers!

    Just some of those niggling little questions that I think about every once in awhile but never think to ask or no one seems to know.. Every once in a blue moon, like twice since I've been with Target, we see a *gasp* Great Value (Wal-mart) product come out of the truck. How does that even...
  2. SrTLRep

    Archived Library ladders

    Is everyone getting the new library ladders in the backroom? We spent all weekend re-profiling and moving shelves. Just finished in the main stockroom, moving on to grocery this week. I'm a little nervous about how these are going to work. We can't keep our regular ladders in good working...
  3. SrTLRep

    Archived fast fun friendly recognition and events

    Team cards are all well and good but what are some of the creative and fun ways your store recognizes you? What about fast fun and friendly events? We do food a lot. So much our team is getting sick of it. Thats saying a lot when they are ready to turn down free food! We've done team card...
  4. SrTLRep

    Archived Hello!

    Hi all! My name says what I do :p I am in a AAA SuperTarget with an overnight replenishment process. Found this forum through another team member who hinted at it and left me curious. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!