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    Archived CIHYFS at Other Stores

    Went to a visit a store that just opened near me, open maybe 2 weeks. I didn't get asked once. Bad thing is the store was crawling with team members, most of them not really doing much. Daughter went a few days later and asked for help finding something and ended up having to call me to try...
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    Archived Is this over-reaction?

    IMHO, the only appropriate way to touch someone you don't know is to shake their hand. I would freak out if some stranger came and hugged me. Stay.Out.Of.My.Bubble. But then I get antsy if someone stands too close behind me when I'm checking out at the grocery store...I may need therapy.
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    Archived Made Sr. Team Lead Hardlines!

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    Archived Email Signatures

    We call those nastygrams.
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    Archived Workbench password requirements changed?

    Sometimes I change computers and it lets me in after lockout. Fun times.
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    Archived Do you enjoy the work you do at Target?

    I love my job, it is challenging and the people I work with are great. I have my bad days like everyone else, but that would be the same everywhere I go.
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    Archived TM and cell phones

    I have no issues with my team having theirs on the floor, but I better not catch them using it on the floor. I don't know who they are texting at 3 am, but oddly enough I know the body language now that suggests they are using it but don't want to get caught because it happens all the time...
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    Archived Is it wrong to be SOOO tempted to make a Target RPG?

    So would guests be quest giving npc's or mobs? I'm thinking murlocs, bwahaha.
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    Archived Great Team Surveys

    I'm really glad to hear someone else say they base their answers off the whole year, rather than the last month or two. I hate that the GTS comes right on the heels of reviews, most people are still smarting over that and rather than give thoughtful, effective answers they go negative all the...
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    Archived Instock TL question..

    When you get moved into position it will be important to find out exactly what that TM is on final for. Is it conduct or performance? Sounds like conduct to me, but you never know. Coach and document, if you don't document it never happened and HR will not be able to help you. A final is saying...
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    We consider 2 CI's in a 30 day period to be excessive. We do tend to look at the circumstances though.
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    Pet Peeves at work

    Drives me insane!!! I usually end up with a full cart of items that are perfectly fine because someone couldn't be bothered to seperate them from the defective item. Stuff that just needs to be wiped off or have a plastic tab put on it also drives me crazy!
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    Archived Are they supposed to do this?!?

    It does sound like a recall of some kind. Anything baby-related gets thrown away at our store, except for diapers. It does make you a little sick watching them throw out strollers, carseats, etc. However, I would be more sick if a display we gave away caused a child to get hurt because of...
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    Archived working huddles

    Our huddles last forever. I die a little on the inside every time we call one.
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    Archived Transfer to Signing position?

    Ugh, I hated the corn one. It looked so gross. We actually recieved an e-mail though about giving signage to guests. We were reminded in the most Fast Fun and Friendly way possible that it is against BP to give away signing. Killjoys.
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    Archived I got the GSA position

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    Archived Is it wrong to be SOOO tempted to make a Target RPG?

    I dun wanna be a troll :( lol
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    The mother of all rants.

    Where's my popcorn?
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    Archived underperformers

    /this It puts the lead in a difficult position as well and they can be just as frustrated if they are trying to fix the issue, because it can take a long time to move an underperformer out. The whole time you've got an entire team complaining about this one person and all you can say...