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    Archived Reapplying Struggle

    I think its best to move on. Yes I agree. But when the new Flow TL who knew me from Plano heard I was coming back she was all aboard. Sounds like too much of a sure thing. I left on good terms. I wasnt marked non-rehireable that I know of. I would feel better if the HR was just honest and said I...
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    Archived Reapplying Struggle

    Thanks guys. I'm going to try the next closest store in my area as well as look around elsewhere in general. As stated above after calling HR and them telling me they arent hiring. She announced in the break room if they knew 3-4 guys thatd like to work Flow. The majority of my old coworkers...
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    Archived Reapplying Struggle

    I recently moved back and expressed interest in to coming back to Target with my old HR. At the time they were currently not hiring and told me to keep in touch if anything opens up. I've been checking the site weekly and my roommate who works Flow tells me they need people bad (even if they...
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    Archived Benefits in 2014

    I recently started back at Target after a 6month break and am currently having to wait again for my benefits to take in effect, which I was aware. But my question is do they roll the benefits "package" out twice a year or is it effective as soon as you reach 6months? I know its a confusing...
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    Archived Benefits

    Silly question but couldnt hurt to ask. I left Target October 2012 and looking to reapply. Even though its been 5 months, will I have to wait another 6-1year to receive my benefits again? I didnt know if there was a time window per say. anyways figured I'd ask.
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    Archived Hire After Holidays?

    So after moving this past October, my transfer wasnt able to go through at the time. (since the store currently didnt have a designated HR and transfer app fell through the cracks) Anyways I went ahead and reapplied after the holidays, but this Target store goes about things quite differently...
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    Archived Just when i thought my hours were getting better :(

    I dont bother looking at my schedule hours since 90% of the time they are set, but days when I'll be on Flow it'll read 4am-9am you sure as hell know you arent getting off at 9am. So If my schedule for the week says 25hrs. I usually clock out with around 32-35.
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    Archived little flow team rant

    I am one of 3that do repacks. I do the ones in Stationary, One guy for HBA, and one for other Combo/non 5&6 numbered boxes. Since I've worked at this location I've never experienced the Wave you guys have mentioned. I was told they tried it once but it didnt work out. Maybe with Overnight stores...
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    Archived Cosmetics & Casepacks Questions

    I know each store is each own, but has anyone else experienced a long day stocking Cosmetics? We were 30hrs heavy today in HBA and fellow "breakout-er" and myself had to save Cosmetics till after 8am to make sure we had the boxes done by then. We had 17 carts in HBA, with 6 full carts in...
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    Archived little flow team rant

    Our Store doesnt follow that apparently. We have Waves in: C&D, Market, HBA, and Softlines. With 2 guys soloing Chem, 1 Pets. But on topic. I'm trained in other departments so I know the demand for HBA, Walkies, are high. Yet giving up one in HBA really hinders us. Specially on 30hr HBA days...
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    Archived New Morning Shift Schedule

    If this rolled out at my store half the team would quit on spot. Not that they are bad people. But we've gone through 3 TL since they fired our "favorite" one for not making RWT (which can be debated when your team is short players) Anyways half would probably walk out. We have so many...
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    Archived Transferring Questions

    I am cross trained in Flow, Food Ave, Instocks, Backroom, and Plano. Our Target has close to 25 aisles of P-Fresh. 3 being Paper, 2 coolers, then G18-42 P-fresh dry goods thats why I was asking. I've seen others with a tiny Market, but a larger Electronics Department etc etc. Thanks for the...
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    Archived Transferring Questions

    I posted a threat similar to this a long time ago, but I'll be transferring out of state within a month. My HR and Store Manager are gone for the week and havent been able to put a transfer in, but here are my questions: 1. Do I have to put in 2 weeks at my current store or is the transfer...
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    Archived Our flow process and questions for other stores flow team.

    Your process is similar to ours. We currently are a 22man team with average 2300-2600 trucks, 4 trucks a week. 2 in truck w/ 1 scanner 4 on line 1-2 backstock side. 3 in SL 1 Bowling C&D 2 Breaking out HBA & Stationary 1 Bowling HBA 1 Bowling Chem. 1 Bowling Market 1 Electronics...
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    That is exactly what I did. requested August 7-14, then 15-21st. Before I left for vacation I took a closer look bc they had me scheduled aug 16th while I'd be away and saw that only the 15th was approved by the computer. Cleared that up with HR and everything was okay. I told them I'm coming...
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    I recently took a vacation Aug 7-21st. We have tons of people that were taking vacations during this time as well. My dates got approved, but I saw that I was scheduled Aug 15-19th during the time I'd be out of state. That got fixed by my HR. I told them I was flying in late Saturday(19th) and...
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    Archived Benefits Website?

    Also had a question about Dependents. My little cousin is 3 and in need of day care, but atm my uncle can't afford it. Can I put my cousin under my plan to cover daycare? I think Target mentioned something before involving daycare.
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    Archived FLow Information Needed Please

    I haven't read all the responses, but the guides provided above to have some useful information. Flow is one of the many departments I'm trained in. Half our crew comes in at 4am for unload, rest arrive at 4:30. Some get started on bowling out the heavy areas yada yada. To help with speed...
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    Archived Benefits Website?

    Hey guys I can't remember the website I use to select my benefits plan. I recently got my packet and figured I'd do it online. I'm on vacation out of state atm.
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    Archived Cross Training for In Stocks

    The guide Hardlinesmaster linked is very useful. I've been with In-Stocks going on 4 months now, and like you I transitioned from Flow. We usually have 3 of us start at 7am, split the batches, and go our on way and regroup at break. My batch is usually all of G (Pfresh), A (HBA,Cosmetics, Chem...