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  1. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived Guest Free Gift Card With Certain Purchases.

    Been at Target a while now but still avoid cashiering cause--Im horrible at it. With it being Back Friday, I find it hard to believe I wont find myself up there. How do you add a gift card, without charging them for it? Thanks!
  2. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived Silly Coupon Question.

    I'm normally sales floor. Yesterday I spent a good amount of time being back-up cashier (Which normally I don't). Little rusty. Coupons- Do you scan them after your done scanning everything? Or scan them before scanning the product?! I wasnt really sure, just scanned it after scanning all...
  3. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived Ad Take Down?

    I work most saturday's closings. SO I know I will face ad takedown sometime in my lifetime. (yay!) Only been present when it was done once so far-and..I watched some girl sit at the fitting room counter typing a bunch of numbers, then she took down the signs, and had no idea what is going...
  4. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived Process/Expectation of being a back up?

    Can someone tell me the process/expectation of being a back up? Ok, so yeah I been there about three weeks, and havent went up for back up cashier yet. I know I'm like horrible. LOL (And I'm softlines, kind of expected from me!) But I'm scared of looking like an idiot-no idea what I'm doing...
  5. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived Workbench/EHR

    What's the difference between Workbench and EHR? Are they two seperate programs? I was able to log into my EHR, but haven't had a chance to get on the work computers and look at it. The one in the break room only has EHR access, that I can see. Thanks!
  6. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived Call Phone Question

    Ok, I know silly question. I just haven't had one yet, so wanted to double check. How do you clear the Call Phone Request? Do you just pick up the phone yourself once you get there, or do you have to press anything on the phone? Thanks! :)
  7. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived Cashier Training/What to Expect in Training?

    Cashier Training today. (Gulps) I will be first to admit. I know nothing about a Cash Register and there are so many scenarios. So I am..a little nervous. Any tips, or preperation for what to expect would be very helpful! Thanks!
  8. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived What to Expect? Sales Floor- Fitting Room

    Hello fellow Targa-teers! So gearing up for my first day of training this evening. Up first Fitting Room Training. (Which is the area I wanted so- thrilled!) So who can enlighten and prepare me for what I should expect? All thoughts appreciated! Thanks Guys!
  9. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived "Item Not In Stock?"

    Ok, one more question and I'm buzzing off ! First day on Sales Floor Training Tomorrow. This may be a silly question but one concern I was worried about confronting is: When a guest says the item they are looking for is all gone from the shelf or not present, what should the appropriate...
  10. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived EHR Password? Schedule?

    Okay Guys! Few Questions- I'll just ask them all at one time! Just had Orientation yesterday, Training starts tomorrow. So I'm a newbie :) (1) How do you get an EHR Password set up? Is this something I will get in training? I put on my avaliability, and confirmed in my interview that I...
  11. Campbellsgrl1512

    Archived New At Target & To Break Room

    Hi Guys! I just got hired on at Target - Sales Floor. I just had Orientation yestarday, and start first day of Training tomorrow. I'm excited! Hope I can manage it with my Full-Time Job.