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    SFS- fixing a mispick when packing?

    You can't do it while prepping, only packing, but I would open any box that is not the actual box for the item before starting to pack to catch errors like these. You'll either have to grab it from the floor yourself or have someone else do it, but you can still cancel the unit while packing...
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    Service & Engagement Loyalty Captain?

    As someone who has been a captain for fulfillment and given that "authority", it just depends on the person. Some people show up to work and do what they are supposed to do and be done while others want to do more. From my experience, you are getting paid the same but you benefit from preferred...
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    I'm not sure since I don't really have the time to go on greenfield everyday to become a wizard but like seasonaldude said, if you go onto greenfield go to the side menu and click on fulfillment or something similar you can go to the pickup / grocery pickup dashboard you can go into the pick...
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    Logistics How do I bring A&A INF even lower?

    Our store faces the same problem, albeit I'm pretty sure our team is just lazy and doesn't use the rfid for anything they can't find but my experience varies wildly per day. We have vastly more opus than ship but for me most of the time in opu I can find every style item by either checking the...
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    If you did the pulls when the store was open, maybe it's because someone bought stuff that is in the back so it's adding it to the end of the batch. I know it updates if you back out and go back in but it could also be updating in real-time while your doing pulls.
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Yeah, for opu only but we only have 1 pack station so 95% of the time the person who picks the cart also preps and packs it
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    You could just force everyone to use their initials for carts. I'm interviewing for the FOTL as well and it was something I suggested since its nearly impossible to find out who is using a cart since no one ever responds to that call and by then the order is late. I made a list of everyone that...
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Does it still allow you to scan things that should be prepped after scanning everything and give a reason or did that go away?
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Don't all price changes drop into PCV? I'm in fulfillment and I've never done it before but I get the notifications on the device for it all the time cause I've set my area to gm as well so I can pull and backstock. Someone should be going to the place on the floor and checking if the price...
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    Coachings for G.U.E.S.T.

    I remember us being a test store for having greeters at both entrances and having people walk around the store to hand out red card and target circle applications. They just ended up pissing more people off than helping
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    If the SD wants each pallet to have its own label, then just scan out all the pallets that they did take and use the truck was full option. We just scan everything to one pallet since we're only a 1 pack station store and we're normally the first pickup for our driver. Our driver has the regular...
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    Target Cafe Reopening?

    Ours has been closed but we are getting some snack bar remodel next month, the old space has been opu overflow and they still make the pizzas in the deli area
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    How Bad Is Your Store?

    We had inventory this past Tuesday and rgis started in the backroom at 5 p.m. and didn't finish until 9 the next morning
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    We seem to have too many people right now. We got an influx in hours all of a sudden and with our inventory a couple of days ago we had no ship. Our Gm ETL is out right now and the HR ETL keeps putting fucking cashiers who have zero sales floor experience and can't even find backroom locations...
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    And the small opu bags were perfect for so many things like gallons of milk. I think there are small checklane bags but they are tiny and the checklane bags in general suck
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    Team lead bonus

    I totally bet that every leader will accurately judge each tm and only the ones that deserve it will get the bonuses and it totally doesn't have a chance of being corrupted...
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    Fulfillment issue

    If every tm had to work fulfillment for a week straight during q4 and maintain green metrics, I bet some things would change
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    Dear D.c

    Please don't send us a 5000 piece double again followed by a 1000 piece runt truck. We literally do not have enough vehicles to unload. Current status of the backroom when I left yesterday at 11 p.m.:
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    We only have 1 style TL right now as our ETL left and they haven't found a replacement and the other two TLs quit. We currently have 30+ quarantine bins in the fitting room and style freight hasn't been pushed in 2 days. Also our GM ETL has been out for some reason for over a month and their...
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    Org chart and changes

    We're still up a couple million this year and we had lost power during the winter storm. The fun run deals, our governor removing the mask mandate, and the new stimulus we're at least 10% over forecast even with 33 quarantine bins and style not being pushed in 2 days. I do not want to see what...