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    2021 Team Member Reviews

    Oh boy review time. Time to be insulted for working my ass off and be given just as much of an insulting raise thanks assholes.
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    Requesting vacation

    This I because I put mine a month in advance twice both times it was auto rejected. I was beyond angry both times. There's was absolutely no reason for it to be denied. But even then it could still be rejected.
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    Vacation Time before putting in notice

    Lucky they don't pay out here where I live. In fact every time I try use my vacation for than say for more than two days they automatically reject it. It not like there's isn't 1 person besides me who is in the department who would be overwhelmed there's fucking 5 in it. I even did that stupid...
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    Quarantine after vaccination?

    Yikes 7.5 months pregnant and getting covid. Well I hope your sister and her unborn baby are alright.
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    That can be very difficult especially if you are good at your job. They don't wanna hire someone new train to take over you. But if your gonna do so kiss the electronics/tech person leaders ass as well as the one who is your current leads ass. That might help you a little. Also no complaining...
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    Bye Spot!

    Good for you the spot can kiss your ass!!!!
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    What does being a "red" store mean?

    It means you need to get your shit together.
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    When does the job start to get sh#tty

    When your hours start to drop. When leaders start picking on you for every little thing. Certain things that pissed me off where oh your zone is not perfectly on the diamonds it not zoned right even though it looked good according to the guests. Or the same leader came over one day while I was...
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    Advice for burnout?

    I am not a leader but get a hobby outside of your job that you enjoy. It gives you something to look forward to to help with the burnout. Try exercising or at least something you can beat up or yelling your frustration out. Of course taking that time off just might help.
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    Survey as to how many hours you want

    Ha good one. That will never happen with corporate breathing down their backs. What I want in hours is enough to my have my insurance back which also won't happen.
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    Advice for new etl

    If you had an etl that you didn't like remember why you didn't like them and don't do what they did. Two try to cut hours as little as you can get away with. Your team will thank you. Don't be a douchebag and let power go to your head.
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    Coachings for G.U.E.S.T.

    Ahh yet another useless thing that won't amount to anything. They actually want me to leave my counter/work and do this. I do not have time for that shit and don't do this. I am up to my fucking ears in work alone and you want me to do this fuck off. That's what the fucking cleaner at the...
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    Nobody should be forgotten about. Speak up it's your right to have a break. Your working just as much as everybody else and you can have break when it's your break time.
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    This place has made me cry a lot. Don't feel bad.
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    Confessions of a Target TM

    When I did zone I always am like I need to pick that up. Puts in abondons cart.
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    Left Effective Immediately- Paycheck?

    I wish Texas would be like that.
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    Orientation in a couple of days

    May god help you. Training will be terrible and your lucky if you get somebody who cares to train and help you. The spot puts you where they need you not where you they hired you.
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    Vacation Time before putting in notice

    It should be but the spot isn't Kroger. Heck it isn't even Wal-fart both places pay when you quit. Wal-fart pays your vacation even when your fired.
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    Bye after 14.5 years

    Congrats have fun not working there.
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    If you could restructure the target process...

    Make it so they don't take insurance and full time hours. So many people would not quit Tarshit if they would just stop doing that. People do not want to do more for less.