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    COVID-19 Vaccine

    It's not paid at your OT rate though since it's considered non- productive pay.
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    COVID-19 Vaccine

    Just call HROC for clarification
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    COVID-19 Vaccine

    I had both doses before my shift and got the 2 hours "emergency pay" both times. A cashier got both her shots through her full time employer in February and has been paid as well. It is an incentive to get vaccinated. You will be paid. Give HR a copy of your vaccination card.
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    True... here's how it will probably play out. The remaining veterans will be pushed to the breaking point and will start dropping, metrics will begin to slip, TLs and ETLs will step in to keep metrics from slipping too much, TLs and ETLs will start dropping (seeing some of this already). New...
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    HR ETL promoted. GS TM transferring. Style TM transferring and another Style TM on a 3 month LOA. Almost no veteran TMs left. Style TL actively searching outside Target. Flex TL actively searching outside Target. Veteran Tech TM leaving Target. Average of 10 C/Os a day with 3-4 NCNSs. Store has...
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    Service advocate and cashier termed in the past 2 weeks. 3 market team members out on Covid leave, hopefully back soon. 2 market team members quit. 1 more market team member put in his 2 weeks yesterday. Front end TMs are scared of more terminations. Market TL is exhausted. We are also on our...
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    Inaccurate one for ones?

    I have no idea. I'm the Closing Lead, I don't even cross paths with the GM Lead that owns the area or any DBOs. I might get a hand-off from my SD or GM ETL. My Flex TL gives me a hand-off when she's there. My Specialty Sales ETL will let me know if I have anyone for Tech but that's about it...
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    Service & Engagement How to start showing interest in a S/E TL position

    You should definitely have a sit down with your HR ETL and/or your SD about your future with Spot. You can also show your leadership qualities right now. I'm going to assume you are a front end TM, what can you do at the front to stand out? If you close, you can rally the team to have the front...
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    Inaccurate one for ones?

    Someone tied a revision in kitchen last week and didn't check sales floor capacity. OFO for kitchen was over 500 eaches. Capacity on multiple items was 337. After I updated capacities on 2 sections of the revision, OFO was 54(76). Moral of the story, always check capacities when doing...
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    COVID-19 Vaccine

    You can also go into pharmacies that vaccinate late in the day and ask the pharmacist if they have any extras from that day. A cashier at my store did this and was able to get her first shot. They had 7 people not show up that day.
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    Is there a pay difference for Closing TL?

    When I moved from GSTL to Closing TL in April 2019 I asked for a raise and was told it's a lateral move due to modernization. I was not a key carrier prior to this and modernization was just becoming official so I was able to negotiate a $1 per hour raise. I had the fact that nobody wanted the...
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    COVID-19 Vaccine

    It should be on the coronavirus hub on the front page of workbench. If your HR ETL doesn't understand they can call their HRBP or probably HROC. You can also call and explain that your HR ETL is misinformed (respectfully of course)
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    OPU Hold Space

    As I said, it happens very infrequently. I believe I've done it twice in the past 4 or 5 months. It does happen and I make sure to mark them at least and status with the DU team to let them know.
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    OPU Hold Space

    I only jump into OPU when I absolutely have to but if I screw up, think scan all items to put in bag and realize I need 2 bags, I reprint and write 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Doesn't happen often.
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    Fulfillment operations

    We did $50 mil last year with about $6 mil in SFS and $3.5 mil in OPU/DU. We didn't start DU until May 2020. We are a six pack station store with a Fulfillment TL who only does Flex, they don't own any areas in GM. It would be nice to get a second TL to support as I know we can do more. One of...
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    How many GM TM's close

    Closing TL here. I have anywhere from 1 to 4 GM TMs shift tagged for OFOs with start times between 1 and 6pm. The goal is to pull every group 100% at least once throughout the day. Specialty Sales has the best metrics in our store. I have 2 closing experts, 1 pfresh closer 5 nights out of 7, 1...
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    To That One Guest - II

    TTOG: No I won't return the TV you purchased at another store because you "claim" when you opened the box it was the wrong TV. Yes this is Target but that's a store specific issue. No I don't care that you work and have children, we ALL work. No it's not MY problem, I didn't sell you the TV. No...
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    COVID-19 Demand that Target Protect and Compensate the Team As Covid Surges On!

    2 TMs early on, both had underlying conditions. Over the summer lost someone who trained at our store, no underlying conditions.
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    To that one Team Member - II

    Do we work at the same store? Lol
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    Reflecting on leadership in the past..

    $50 mil pfresh store SD 1 GM ETL - 1 inbound TL (also owns essentials) 1 Plano TL (also owns toys, sporting goods and entertainment) 1 GM TL (owns C & D) 1 SFS TL (6 pack stations) 1 Starbucks TL and 1 Market TL 1 Specialty ETL - 2 Style TLs (should be 3) 1 S & E ETL - 2 SETLs 1 HR ETL - 2 HR...